Elon Musk crashed these whiny journalists’ virtual meeting and handed out an epic dose of reality

No adult humans on the planet throw more toddler-like tantrums than self-proclaimed “journalists.”

They’re the biggest bunch of self-entitled, crybaby, hypocrites imaginable.

But Elon Musk was having none of it when he crashed these whiny journalists’ virtual meeting and handed out an epic dose of reality.

They threatened his two-year-old son’s life . . . But he’s the problem?

Late last week, the entire corporate-controlled media and their Democrat enablers had a collective panic attack after Twitter temporarily suspended the accounts of a small number of self-proclaimed “journalists.”

After every single one of them ignored and outright mocked the targeted suppression of conservatives and anyone else who spoke out against Democrats’ narrative by Twitter at the behest of the federal government, they had the audacity to claim that Elon Musk was somehow now the biggest threat the First Amendment has ever faced.

And it was all over the fact that the self-proclaimed “journalists” believe they should be allowed – against Twitter’s terms and services, and the law – to dox Elon Musk’s real time location using hacked data that was not publicly available, and possibly in violation of all sorts of federal laws.

The fact that a crazed left-wing radical unsurprisingly used the information being made public by the self-proclaimed “journalists” to chase down, block, and attack a vehicle carrying Musk’s two-year-old son didn’t seem to bother any of the left-wing hacks either.

So it should come as no surprise that Musk himself was rather heated over the whole ordeal – how could he not be when he’s simply trying to protect the lives and privacy of his family, as well as every other American, from the lunatic Left?

On Thursday night, he let some of those frustrations out when he crashed a Twitter Spaces in which a group of whiny self-proclaimed “journalists” were throwing a hissy fit.

“You’re not special . . .”

In the Twitter Space hosted by Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopoulos, Musk began by pointing out that posting real-time information about someone’s location is “inappropriate,” while alluding to the fact that self-proclaimed “journalists” have whined more about being doxed than any other group.

He then delivered the ultimate dose of reality when he put the left-wing hacks in their place by making clear that they were “not special” and would be held to Twitter’s Terms and Services the same way any other American citizen would be.

“There is not going to be any distinction between journalists — so-called “journalists” — and regular people,” Musk explained. “Everyone’s going to be treated the same. They’re not special because they’re journalists. You’re a citizen, so no special treatment. You dox, you get suspended, end of story.”

That caused the voices of the petulant children who call themselves “journalists” to reach a whole other octave as they proceeded to try and justify their endangering of Musk and his family.

Washington Post hack Drew Harwell, whose account was among those suspended, chimed in to claim he didn’t post Musk’s real-time location, just a link to the aforementioned ElonJet Twitter account that was hacking FAA data to make information public that was not publicly available to avoid this exact sort of ordeal.

But Musk was having none of that too, and blasted the self-proclaimed “journalists” for trying to be “clever” in their efforts to evade Twitter’s rules before dropping the mic and exiting.

Ultimately, this is yet another example not only of hack journalists’ hypocrisy to whine about the “dangers” of free speech while intentionally putting Musk and his family in danger by posting hacked information, but also the fact that they think they’re better than everyone else.

They honestly believe – much like their Democrat overlords – that they are morally superior to anyone they disagree with, and as a result, should receive special treatment.

But Elon Musk is teaching them that’s not the case, and whether he continues to have such an involved role in Twitter or not, so long as he controls the company that doesn’t seem likely to change.

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