Elon Musk just went to bat for conservatives by identifying this term as a slur on Twitter

The radical Left has weaponized social media against conservatives since the advent of the platforms.

They’ve used it to cancel anyone who they deem as harmful.

But Elon Musk just went to bat for conservatives by identifying this term as a slur on Twitter.

Musk confirms that “cis” and “cisgender” are considered slurs on his platform

Elon Musk has been angering leftists ever since he acquired Twitter in October of last year. He’s been working overtime to level the playing field online and promising to expand free speech. The tech mogul has now made a move that is sure to cause outrage from Democrats on his platform.

After Thoughtful Therapists Founder James Esses posted a tweet saying he “reject[s] the word ‘cis’ and doesn’t wish to be called it,” he received a “slew of messages” calling him a “cissy” and saying he doesn’t have a choice to claim otherwise.

In response to the user’s complaint about harassment from leftists on the platform, Musk confirmed that Twitter will now regard the words “cis” or “cisgender” as slurs, which means that “repeated, targeted harassment against any account will cause the accounts to receive, at minimum, temporary suspensions.”

The word has become common use in today’s modern world, but its roots go back to the early 1990’s.

Sociologist credited with coining the term “cisgender” appears to have had pedophilic tendencies

Following Musk’s announcement, some users began to point to the nefarious roots of the word “cisgender.” Some claim that the first person to use the term was a German sociologist at the Institute for Sexual Science who helped catalyze the sexual revolution in the 1960s.

Volkmar Sigusch wrote the book Transexuals and our Nosomorphic View in 1991, and many argue that this was the first time the term was used. He used the Latin root “cis” to denote anyone who finds themselves to be the opposite of transgenderism.

Sigusch is also credited with saying “the sensuality that spontaneously unfolds between a child and an adult is something wonderful.” The scientist wrote several papers in which he defends the sexualization of kids by claiming that it does “no damage to youth or children.”

Despite his stance on free speech, Musk has made it clear that this type of ideology won’t be safe on the platform.

Musk slams Sigusch as a “contemptible creep” and is thanked for “standing up for reality”

In response to comments about Sigusch, Musk pointedly denounced ideas that promote the sexualization of children. “Yup, the contemptible creep that manufactured the term ‘cis’ has serious problems. Ignore him,” Musk wrote in reply to claims of Sigusch’s pedophilic tendencies.

Musk has faced backlash for coming out against transgender ideology on Twitter. Earlier this month, he called a decision to suppress Matt Walsh’s anti-transgender film What is a Woman a “mistake” before confirming that critical discussion of the topic on his platform is “definitely allowed.”

This preceded the resignation of Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, but she never confirmed that this was the reason for her departure. While some have slammed Musk for his stance, others, like James Esse, have praised him. “Thank you for standing up for reality, Elon,” Esse wrote.

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