Even Joe Biden had to applaud Governor DeSantis for this huge effort

Hurricane Ian left massive damage across Florida.

But the rescue and clean up efforts have been the best we’ve ever seen.

That’s why even Joe Biden was forced to applaud Governor Ron DeSantis for this huge effort.

While in Florida to survey the damage from Hurricane Ian, Joe Biden made quite a few heads spin.

First there was the infamous “No one F***s with a Biden” quote caught on hot mic.

Then there was the obligatory lecture on global warming, er, wait, it’s now “climate change.”

Biden of course used his time in Florida to make the utterly absurd statement that climate change is now decided and there is no more discussion.

“There’s a lot going on, and I think the one thing this has finally ended is a discussion about whether or not there’s climate change, and [that] we should do something about it.”

Then there was his shocking statement on working together with Governor DeSantis in the recovery and clean up from Ian.

Biden noted that he was being joined by DeSantis, Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and Congressman Byron Donalds – all Republicans.

And Biden added, “Today we have one job and only one job, and that’s to make sure the people of Florida get everything that they need to fully, thoroughly recover. We’re one of the few nations in the world that on a basis of crises we face, we’re the only nation that comes out of it better than we went into it.”

But probably the biggest head turner was Biden’s comment about how Governor DeSantis had handled the recovery efforts.

Biden stated, “I think he’s done a good job.” 

Of course, even Biden’s socialist handlers realize you can’t hide the clear evidence of what DeSantis has done.

It has in fact been a “good job.” 

Actually, it’s been an amazing job. 

And the Biden administration knows they need to play this very carefully.

Because if Biden and the Democrats are seen in any way as impeding the relief efforts, it’ll only bolster DeSantis’ profile headed into the 2024 campaign.

Biden’s administration has shown in the past they’re more than willing to withhold aid to DeSantis and Florida (tying up/limiting shipments of monoclonal antibodies, for instance). 

But those were more obscure to the average voter compared to disaster relief from a major hurricane that’s been receiving national coverage.

Biden can’t risk alienating even more voters by attacking DeSantis at this time, though he most certainly would like to.

For his part, DeSantis thanked Biden for being there and said the efforts with FEMA had gone well.

America’s Governor also observed that “there’s been less bureaucracy holding us back on this one than probably any” other recent disaster.

And that can all be attributed to the work Ron DeSantis has done in Florida to make it one of the best economic states in the nation.

It turns out that the free market, and conservative policies do work, even in the worst of times.

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