Experts were quivering in fear when they realized one detail about this UFO video in Las Vegas

maxime raynal from France, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The list of conspiracy theories that have ended up being true is consistently growing.

But the world will burn if this video turns out to be real.

And experts were quivering in fear when they realized one detail about this UFO video in Las Vegas.

Do you trust anything anymore?

Remember the day when you used to trust the system.

As Archie Bunker would say, “Those were the days.”

Today, nearly everything we are told is true ends up being a lie.

Just think about all the lies we’ve been told.

Remember when they said, “If you like your doctor, then you can keep your doctor.”

How’d that turn out for the American people?

It wasn’t too long ago when the experts kept brainwashing the public to believe if they didn’t stand six feet apart or wear a little piece of cloth on their face, then they were going to die from COVID.

And now the experts are lining up to tell us that they have flat out lied to the American people.

As all of the conspiracies end up being real, there is one that has America divided on what they should believe.

And that conspiracy topic is unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

UFOs have been a part of pop culture since Roswell.

But for nearly two generations, the government has adamantly denied that UFOs and aliens are real.

Their denial has been consistent, even when countless people get supposed UFOs in pictures or on video.

But that government denial changed over the past couple of years.

Countless government agencies, including the Pentagon, have changed the tone on extraterrestrials and UFOs.

But the government’s openness on UFOs hasn’t been uniform with the public’s evidence of little green men.

Nearly any time the public brings forward their own evidence, the government and experts do whatever they can to discredit it.

Finally proof of UFOs and aliens?

Just last year a family in Las Vegas brought forward the best evidence you will see for aliens when they caught images of the little green men on video.

Many aspects of the family’s video were corroborated with other publicly known evidence.

For instance, that night a bright light was seen above Las Vegas, which even caught the attention of the police who were trying to investigate the mysterious orbs in the sky.

Some even reported a large crashing sound in the neighborhood where the video took place.

But with all of the evidence pointing to the video being, many experts and officials have downplayed it.

Scott Roder, one of the world’s leading crime scene reconstruction experts, is trying to tell us all that the video is as real as it gets.

Roder told News Nation that, “Once you see it, you can’t deny it.”

He continued by adding that, “There’s no editing. That is an original video. We tried to debunk it to see if there was something that was added to the video. All of our results came back as authentic.”

You have to see the full video to grasp how crazy it is.

People need to realize that we may not be alone, or we are about to get hit with the world’s biggest psyop surrounding little green men.

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