Explosive documents show this Soros connection to the suppression of the Hunter Biden Laptop story

The American people are finally beginning to understand how much corruption is involved in the world of policing misinformation.

The Twitter Files have exposed some very scary situations that have been going on between the government and Big Tech – but there’s more.

Now explosive documents show this Soros connection to the suppression of the Hunter Biden Laptop story.

Schellenberger shows how the FBI “discredited factual information” through non-profits

Elon Musk has been disseminating troves of corporate communications from Twitter employees over the past few weeks. 

He’s using a decentralized network of journalists to publish the stories on Twitter first. 

The evidence has been incriminating for some – to say the least.

Michael Shellenberger, a Substack journalist, took his swing at the Twitter Files this week with “Part 7.” 

He says his story shows “the FBI & intelligence community discredited factual information” about Hunter’s laptop “both after and *before* the New York Post revealed the contents of his laptop . . .”

But it doesn’t just expose the FBI and other government agencies. 

It also points a finger to non-profits. 

At times, it’s the universities and activist organizations that push to identify politically charged material for removal. 

Soros-linked First Draft News participated in an exercise about stopping spread of disinformation

Schellenberger published evidence that First Draft News played a major part in laying the way to shutting down the story. 

That organization was owned and operated by the Open Society Foundation – founded and funded by billionaire George Soros.

Schellenberger says that Claire Wardle, former co-founder of First Draft News, had attended a September 2020 conference that was meant to help members of the corporate-controlled media stem the flow of misinformation. 

Major media executives were allegedly present for this exercise that depicted Hunter Biden story

According to an email chain following the conference, it was attended by executives in the media industry such as the former CEO of NPR, former head of news at Twitter, the former General Manager of The New York Times

This email chain included Wardle as well.

The exercise at the conference depicted a nearly total match for the real-life scenario that would unfold just weeks later.

They painted a picture of a “digital Hack-and-Dump” that came out of an “anonymous website, BIDENCRIMES.info, and a Twitter account, @HUNTERLOLZ.”

The exercise showed how various parties would respond to the hypothetical Hunter Biden story

The hypothetical website would show “documents that purport to be from Burisma, tied to Hunter Biden” and depict a scenario where Joe Biden and his son both benefited from business dealings in Ukraine.  

They said that the reporting would start at the Drudge Report and spread quickly to Fox & Friends

Once Donald Trump saw it on Fox & Friends, he would then share the @HunterLOLZ account.

These again are all entirely hypothetical and part of what is titled “EXERCISE: The Burisma Leak” yet they are going into strikingly specific scenarios.

The documents published by Schellenberger even explained how Joe Biden would respond to the leaks and that his campaign would “not confirm the veracity of any documents.”

This exercise simulated an entire 11-day period moving from a hypothetical document leak all the way up to a Presidential debate. 

It covered responses from the media and various public officials.

The scenario wouldn’t be so strange if the whole thing didn’t unfold in real life just weeks after this “exercise.”

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