Fani Willis is in deep trouble over this court order


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is learning how the other side lives.

Willis is facing serious allegations of misconduct.

And now Fani Willis is in deep trouble over this court order.

Trump co-defendant Mark Roman filed a blockbuster motion to remove Willis from the case against him and drop the charges entirely due to Willis allegedly hiring the man she was engaged in a romantic relationship with as the special prosecutor on the 2020 election case.

The motion also alleged that Nathan Wade, the man Willis allegedly dated, used portions of the $654,000 Willis paid him to take the couple on vacations in what could be violations of honest services fraud.

If Willis hired her lover to run the Trump case, then it would violate state conflict of interest regulations and Judge Scott McAfee would have to remove the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office from the case and turn it over to another prosecutor.

That could very well be Georgia’s Republican Attorney General Chris Carr.

Willis brought Wade on as special prosecutor shortly after he filed for divorce from his wife Janice.

Once the news of Roman’s motion broke, Wade’s ex-wife subpoenaed Willis to testify in the divorce proceeding.

Records from the divorce paint Wade in an even worse light, as the Judge in the case took the drastic step of holding him in contempt for refusing to turn over all documents about his income to his wife.

The documents Wade failed to turn over also included records of his income from working the Trump case, which is adding fuel to the fire that he and Willis were allegedly romantically involved.

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance implored Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp to put aside his hatred of Donald Trump and do the right thing in this case.

State Senator Coulton Moore tried to introduce articles of impeachment against Willis, but establishment Republicans reacted by kicking him out of the conference.

As more details emerge about Willis’ case, the more corrupt it looks.

And with Donald Trump cruising towards the GOP nomination, the prospect of Georgia Republicans standing on the sidelines and allowing Willis to continue with this sham indictment becomes untenable.

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