Fani Willis is in deep trouble over this one-word answer to a brutal question

Screenshot via YouTube, 11Alive

Donald Trump gained the upper hand on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Willis is trying to jail Trump over charges relating to the 2020 election.

And Fani Willis is in deep trouble over this one-word answer to a brutal question.

Trump co-defendant Mark Roman turned the charges upside with a bombshell court filing.

Roman’s lawyers alleged that Wilis violated conflict of interest guidelines by hiring Nathan Wade – with whom she was involved in a sexual relationship with – as a special prosecutor on the case.

Between 2021 and 2022, Willis’ office paid exorbitant legal fees in the amount of $654,000 to Wade.

Willis seemed to add credence to the charges when she didn’t deny dating Wade and said she would only respond through “court filings.”

The situation only got worse when reporters for the New York Post confronted Wade as he left his Atlanta-area law office.

Wade marched out of his building carrying a handgun and walked toward his $100,000 car when the Post asked him if he would comment on the affair allegations.

“No,” Wade shot back.

Wade and Willis could deny this relationship took place, but critics view their silence as confirmation that the allegations in Roman’s motion are true.

Roman’s motion alleges that Wade and Willis were having a relationship before she put him on the case and that the two became involved when he was still married to his wife Jocelyn.

“Willis and Wade have engaged in a personal relationship both before and after Willis appointed Wade as the special prosecutor in the instant case,” the motion read.

“Willis and Wade were romantically involved prior to Willis awarding a contract for legal services with Wade. It is not entirely clear when the relationship began, but it began while Wade was married,” the motion continued.

In addition to asking the judge to toss the case, Roman’s motion argued that the two could be prosecuted on federal honest services fraud statutes since Willis “personally benefited from an undisclosed conflict of interest.” 

Wade allegedly used the money Willis paid him to take her on lavish vacations.

Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a criminal complaint with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and State Attorney General Christopher Carr.

Willis could not only see her case tossed out, but she could also find herself on the wrong side of the law.

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