Fani Willis made the one mistake that handed Donald Trump the chance to wreck her case

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Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis is trying to send Donald Trump to prison.

Trump slammed Willis for trying to interfere in the 2024 election.

And Fani Willis made the one mistake that handed Donald Trump the chance to wreck her case.

Willis added more evidence to the accusations that she only indicted Trump for political reasons by attending a high dollar fundraiser at the law offices of A. Scott Bolden, the former Chairman of the Washington, D.C. Democrat Party.

“Seats at the event start at $250 per person and go up to $6,600. The fundraiser will take place on Wednesday evening at Reed Smith, a prominent D.C. law firm where Bolden is a partner,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Critics contend that Willis indicted Trump and 18 other co-defendants on unconstitutional RICO charges to not just help Joe Biden win re-election in 2024, but to also boost her profile with Democrats ahead of a run for Governor of Georgia in 2026.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Josh McKoon slammed Willis at the time of the Trump indictment as a politically motivated hack.

“We have a power-mad prosecutor who is loyal to her political party, her own ambition exceeds her loyalty to her country,” McKoon said in a video released Tuesday afternoon. “These indictments have nothing to do with the enforcement of the law, and everything to do with gaining political advantage”

The titans of the Washington, D.C. Democrat legal community wouldn’t fete Willis unless she brought charges against Trump.

In the absence of this indictment, Willis would be just another rogue left-wing prosecutor who no one would ever hear about unless a politically charged case against a police officer made national  headlines.

Bolden is a controversial figure himself who claimed on MSNBC that the criminal charges brought by Willis and other Democrat prosecutors were a brilliant political strategy that makes it harder “for him [Trump] to get Independents and even moderate Republicans to support his candidacy.”

“If [Trump] was in therapy, they’d call him the eight-year-old narcissist,” Bolden said.

In a 2020 column, Bolden blasted Trump as a “charlatan” by claiming his “rampage across our democracy has wounded us all,” before adding that the “stranglehold Trumpism has on the GOP must be unraveled.”

Donald Trump’s best defense against these Soviet style show trials in winning the 2024 election.

The more the American people view these trials as political dirty tricks, the less impact a guilty verdict would have.

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