Fans were incensed after this gas station mascot got one awful makeover

Larry D. Moore, CC BY 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

From rock bands to sports teams to celebrity actors, there are die-hard fans for just about everything.

But some people are “superfans” of things like specific companies or brands.

And fans were incensed after this gas station mascot got one awful makeover.

Buc-ee’s fans are irate after beaver gets an “Ozempic-like” makeover

Die-hard Buc-ee’s fans are ticked off after the popular mega gas station made a design change to its beloved beaver mascot.

The new mascot statue is located at a store that opened on June 10 in Luling, Texas.

Coming in at an incredible 75,000 square feet, this location has been dubbed “the world’s largest convenience store.”

But customers aren’t thrilled about the new mascot statue.

And they’ve taken to social media to make their voices heard.

One TikTok user posted photos showing how the mascot changed.

Over 700 people left negative comments about the new look.

According to My San Antonio, the original poster added a caption that said “what did they do to my beautiful boy? It looks like he’s going to jump-scare me at 4:00 a.m. now.”

The photos were released on the store’s opening day.

One person sadly responded that “the charm has been ripped away.”

This particular Buc-ee’s location features a statue of the store’s beloved mascot.

There’s also one at its Baytown and Alabama locations as well.

However, fans noted that the new statue looks much different than the beaver’s original aesthetic. 

The Luling beaver statue is much more sculpted, his toes are showing, his eyes are brighter, and his hands are much bigger and longer than the original, which is tiny and out of proportion with his round body.

A lot of people on TikTok wondered what happened to the original statue.

One user noted that “I hope they put the original in the Smithsonian.”

“Every time I went to a Buc-ee’s on a road trip, I would always take a picture with the statue,” another fan wrote. “That lovable statue for years. But [on] the most recent trip, I noticed something was wrong with it. RIP Buc-ee.”

Did Buc-ee take Ozempic?

The new Buc-ee statue is much thinner, which prompted many users to call him “Ozempic Buc-ee” or “Hollywood Buc-ee.”

Comments with the new nicknames have received hundreds of likes on TikTok.

According to one commenter, only the Luling location is getting the new statue.

“None of the old ones have changed,” they wrote. “Only the new stores are getting this model.”

The Buc-ee’s chain was founded in 1982 by Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek and started as a highway travel center.

The viral brand now has over 40 locations in the U.S. and plans to expand. 

Aplin created the logo and mascot when the chain was first founded.

He told CBS News in 2022 that “Beaver was my nickname – my mom named me that when I was born.”

The Luling, Texas store currently holds the title of the largest Buc-ee’s location in the world.

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