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Jeopardy! is one of the longest-running and most popular game shows on TV.

Part of the fun is playing along at home and answering the questions that stump the contestants.

And fans were speechless when Jeopardy! contestants gave awful answers to this one question.

Jeopardy! contestants stumped a sports category 

Sometimes on Jeopardy! there is a category that leaves all of the show’s contestants absolutely befuddled.

The category “21st Century Sports” in the opening round saw all three contestants swing and miss on what would be routine questions for most sports fans.

Adriana, Christina, and Travis struggled with the entire category.

The $400 clue was a layup for most fans.

“In 2007, this NL squad became the 1st team with 10,000 losses; in 2008 they won the World Series behind Cole Hamels & Ryan Howard,” the clue read.

The Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Christina buzzed in and guessed the Chicago Cubs.

The other two contestants didn’t buzz in to answer.

A chance to redeem themselves with the $800 clue didn’t go any better for the trio.

“A bit like Sci-Fi’s Anywhere Door or Phoenix Gate, it opened on Oct. 15, 2018 to whisk college athletes to a new school,” host Ken Jennings said.

None of the contestants buzzed in for this one.

“What is the transfer portal?” is the correct answer.

The $100 clue featured a picture with it to help the contestants.

“Then with Oklahoma City, this master of the triple-double became the first back-to-back MVP in the NBA All-Star Game since the 1950s,” Jennings read.

A picture of NBA star Russell Westbrook was displayed to help the viewers and contestants out.

Adriana, the reigning champion, guessed Kevin Durant.

That wasn’t a bad guess because he did play with Westbrook when they were teammates on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Contestants on Jeopardy! have to be well rounded in their knowledge, but almost everyone that competes on the show has an Achilles heel.

This isn’t the first time that Jeopardy! contestants have been stumped by a sports category.

Last year, a “Hall of Famer by position” category left the trio of contestants flummoxed.

A clue that read “Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, John Stallworth” went unanswered.

“This might be a long category,” host Ken Jennings joked.

Four straight questions in the category went unanswered. 

Social media users mock Jeopardy! contestants for blowing the sports category 

This became one of the rare instances where many fans at home could claim they could beat the contestants.

Users on social media poked fun at the contestants for their lack of sports knowledge.

“There is nothing better than when the incredibly smart people on Jeopardy don’t know something that all of us unwashed sports slobs know,” one user stated.

“People on Jeopardy can tell you the name of some obscure lake in Wyoming but don’t know who Russell Westbrook is,” another user added.

“I always cringe when really smart people on these shows don’t get simple sports questions. I get it’s not everyone’s thing, but it just hurts when it feels obvious especially when it’s a picture of a person,” a user lamented.

Sports is one of the surprising categories that can trip up the trivia experts on Jeopardy!

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