FBI Director Christopher Wray started to panic after a top Republican pressed him on this one serious question

Photo by Federal Bureau of Investigation, Public Domain via Flickr

The FBI used to be one of the most respected law enforcement and investigative agencies in the world.

But that is no longer the case.

And FBI Director Christopher Wray started to panic after a top Republican pressed him on this one serious question. 

Biden’s weaponized FBI

The once-vaunted FBI has been trying to take down Donald Trump from the moment he first declared his intention to run for office.

They’ve been unrelenting in their attacks against Trump, which includes making up stories and outright lies, distributing false information, suppressing negative facts about his opponents, and even raiding his personal home.

But they’re not just attacking Trump.

They’re attacking his allies.

Even My Pillow founder Mike Lindell had his phone seized at a Hardee’s.

And now pro-life advocates and parents angry about Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ+ propaganda in schools have found themselves as the new targets of President Joe Biden’s FBI. 

No transparency in the FBI

Republicans have been trying to hold the agency accountable since the GOP narrowly won back the majority in the House of Representatives in the 2022 Midterm elections. 

However, according to House Republicans, FBI Director Chris Wray is refusing to cooperate with inquiries and requests. 

Among other things, House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York said Wray is not making witnesses and testimony available. 

And Stefanik was not shy about calling Wray out over the lack of transparency. 

According to Stefanik, the FBI can’t be bothered to live up to a bare minimum. 

“This Committee has made 50 different requests for information and documents concerning the operations and actions of the FBI,” Stefanik said to Wray during a hearing. “To date, the FBI has not complied with the Judiciary Committee’s long-outstanding requests for information and documents. The FBI is accountable to Congress – and by extension, the American people – responding to this routine oversight is the bare minimum. And today the FBI failed to send a witness to the Judiciary hearing…can you commit to sending a witness before the next Judiciary Committee hearing on March 28? 

But Wray obfuscated and avoided, instead doing his best Kamala Harris impression and spewing a word salad in an attempt to dodge the question. 

“We’re happy to work with you,” Wray replied.

“Can you commit to providing a witness?” Stefanik asked again.

“We will of course make people available,” Wray’s word game continued.

“But you didn’t make people available today,” Stefanik reminded Wray. “Can I get a commitment, ‘yes’ you will provide a witness?” 

“We will work with you to make people available,” Wray said, sounding now like a broken record with something to hide. 

“That’s not a yes,” Stefanik rebutted. “For the American people, you’re having the FBI Director refuse to provide a witness.”

“I’m not refusing to provide a witness,” Wray interrupted. “I said I would work with you to make somebody available.” 

“Great, so somebody will be available?” Stefanik asked again.

“Yes,” Wray broke down and finally answered. 

Accountability is coming

“Thank you, that’s all I wanted,” Stefanik said. “A ‘yes.'”

And judging by her latest posts on social media, Stefanik appears to have big plans for that “yes.” 

“I just secured FBI Director Wray’s commitment to stop stonewalling the House GOP’s investigation into the politicization and weaponization of the FBI, by agreeing to provide a witness for the upcoming Weaponization hearing,” Stefanik tweeted. “Accountability is coming.”

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