Food prices are reaching prices never before seen in America as Americans feel the pinch

In Biden’s America, everything is more expensive – there is no avoiding it.

But the extent to which food items have skyrocketed in price is shocking to say the least.

But just when things couldn’t get any worse, food prices hit a new all time high making grocery shopping more expensive than ever before as Americans feel the pinch. 

Biden has been ruining the economy from the start

Ever since Joe Biden took office, the economy has been on a glide path to ruin.

Almost overnight, fuel prices skyrocketed due to Biden’s decisions to stop the flow of oil in safe pipelines such as the Keystone XL pipeline.

These poor energy decisions coupled with record breaking inflation increases has created a perfect storm for massive price increases.

After all, most of the food you eat was shipped either by plane, train, or automobile, meaning gas or coal is needed to put food on your table.

And since gas and oil are sky high, so is food.

Food prices are reaching never before seen levels

It is easy to take for granted the food access most Americans have. 

But when supply chains are broken by left-wing politics, many common goods and brands either disappear off store shelves or go way up in price. 

For example, just look at what just happened with the consumer price index. 

Food purchased for consumption at home rose 1.4 percent in just the last month.

And in just a year, grocery store prices are up 11.9 percent, the fastest pace of inflation since 1979.

Increases like that are also causing enormous strain on Americans’ pocketbooks, but they show that a much bigger collapse could be imminent. 

Joe Biden is looking a lot worse than Jimmy Carter

Without a doubt, Jimmy Carter was one of America’s worst Presidents ever.

Not only did he collapse the economy, but his policies made the Cold War hotter than ever and caused gas to be in short supply.

Sounds a bit like another President.

Joe Biden has even been referred to as a worse version of Jimmy Carter because the comparisons are just too hard to ignore.

Biden now has inflation rates rising to heights not seen since Carter and America is plummeting towards a recession.

The truth is, Joe Biden thought he would get a hell of a lot more help than he is currently getting from his comrades on the Left.

Instead of acting like adults and taking care of the various crises facing America, the Left would rather launch one witch hunt after another and pass bills that would only increase the national debt.

If America ever hopes to put an end to this out of control inflation, then energy independence must be achieved. 

There is a reason why Trump made that one of his top issues, when America is self-sufficient in terms of gas and energy, then every other aspect of life is more affordable and secure. 

Buying overpriced gasoline from Iran, Russia, and other countries that hate America is not a winning strategy.

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