Ford just found a creative way to block you from listening to conservatives on the radio

Photo by Mike B from Pexels

Ford Motor Company used to be an American icon, a symbol of American exceptionalism, and the embodiment of American values. 

But now it’s just another woke corporation that takes its marching orders from the radical Left. 

And Ford just found a creative way to block you from listening to conservatives on the radio. 

The rise and fall of AM talk radio

Democrats have a monopoly in the corporate-controlled media. 

For decades, Rush Limbaugh was the only voice opposing the leftist propaganda pitched by the network news. 

Limbaugh used to spread his message of conservatism to 20 million listeners. 

Unfortunately, on February 17, 2021, Limbaugh passed away. 

In his footprints, voices like Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, Clay Travis, Buck Sexton, and many others have used AM radio to counter the left-wing lies of Big Media. 

Democrats have long tried to silence conservative talk radio hosts on the AM dial through boycotts and contrived legislation. 

Of course, it always failed. 

But woke corporations may accomplish what Democrat legislators never could. 

Ford canceling conservative talk radio

According to the Detroit Free Press, Ford Motor Company is phasing out AM radio in its automobiles. 

“We are transitioning from AM radio for most new and updated 2024 models, including the electric-powered Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning pickup,” Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood said.

Ford has a built-in excuse to disguise the move. 

The company is pointing to other outlets for drivers to listen to their favorite AM radio programming as an excuse to no longer offer one of the largest platforms used by conservatives to voice their opinions. 

“A majority of U.S. AM stations, as well as a number of countries and automakers globally, are modernizing radio by offering internet streaming through mobile apps, FM, digital, and satellite radio options,” Sherwood said. “Ford will continue to offer these alternatives for customers to hear their favorite AM radio music, news, and podcasts as we remove amplitude modulation—the definition of AM in this case—from most new and updated models we bring to market.” 

Removing AM talk radio from cars is a growing trend. 

Ford is not alone

Most electric vehicles, including Tesla, already do not come equipped with AM radio. 

“I don’t know how many companies have dropped AM radio for EVs, but most of the German companies and Volvo have and now Ford,” Mike Ramsey, an analyst with Gartner Research Group said.

According to the Detroit Free Press report, General Motors is considering adding its name to the list and following in Ford’s footsteps. 

“We are evaluating AM radio on future vehicles and not providing any further details at this time,” GM spokesman Stuart Fowle said. 

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram will continue offering AM radio services for the time being. 

Will you boycott Ford if they remove AM radio from automobiles?