Former January 6 Committee Members are about to see a major shakeup under new House leadership

The January 6 Committee was highly criticized for being a one-sided show trial.

Democrats and RINOs on the Committee were only interested in pushing their narrative.

Now former January 6 Committee Members are about to see a major shakeup under new House leadership.

J6 committee targeted Scott Perry – now he wants to be involved in new investigations

Republican lawmakers have been calling out the committee to investigate January 6 since the moment of its inception. 

The controversial committee was formed under the former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and was largely composed of Democrats. 

The only two self-appointed Republicans on the committee were staunch Never-Trumpers, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Now with the House under Republican control, Republicans are jumping at the chance to participate in a real honest investigation into January 6.  

One of them was even a target of the committee’s political witch hunt.

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania has officially announced his intentions to join a newly formed committee to investigate the events that led to the infamous protest-turned-riot.

He made his announcement on ABC News defending himself against skeptics that say he has a conflict of interest. 

“Why should I be limited just because someone has made an accusation?” he asked in the interview. 

The interviewer, George Stephanopoulos questioned his reasoning, to which he responded “should everybody in Congress that disagrees with somebody be barred from doing oversight and investigative powers that Congress has?”

Perry says Members of Congress should do their jobs “regardless of what accusations are being made”

Perry says he wouldn’t apply the rule to just himself stating it’s “appropriate for every single member regardless of what accusations are being made.”

He says that he gets “accused of all kinds of things every single day, as does every member that serves in the public eye. But that doesn’t stop you from doing your job. It is our duty, and it is my duty.”

Republicans will likely pursue several questions about the January 6 event that still haven’t been clearly answered. 

Many lawmakers have asked what Speaker Pelosi’s role was in the event and why her staff left the Capitol so ill-prepared for the events of that day. 

Evidence has made clear that there were requests made to reinforce law enforcement that day but all were ignored by Pelosi.

Initially when the committee was formed, Democrat lawmakers agreed to keep Pelosi out of Congressional testimony. 

Those agreements are no longer in effect.

The FBI waited over a year to investigate the pipe-bombs discovered on January 6

There are also concerns about the pipe-bombs that were discovered at the headquarters of both the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee. 

Despite the obvious danger to lawmakers and political leadership, there has still been nothing released related to the pipe-bomber’s identity. 

According to FBI whistleblowers, the bureau waited over a year to launch an investigation into this threat.

Republicans have also alleged FBI involvement following evidence that there were undercover agents in the crowd on January 6.  

During one Senate hearing, Ted Cruz asked executive assistant director for the FBI about the FBI’s involvement – to which she declined to give a definitive answer.

Americans are still looking for answers and we may start to get them under the new Congress.

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