Fox News left viewers in disbelief over this low blow attack on Vivek Ramaswamy

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It’s crunch time in the GOP Primary.

There are less than 90 days until the Iowa Caucus.

And now Fox News left viewers in disbelief over this low blow attack on Vivek Ramaswamy.

In the final sprint to the Iowa Caucus, Fox News is going anti-Trump establishment.

Network hosts and commentators routinely attack Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy that opposes American involvement in endless wars.

Supporters of Trump’s foreign policy also come under fire from Fox hosts.

Vivek Ramaswamy learned that lesson when host Martha MacCallum hammered him for opposing Joe Biden’s march to war with Iran in the Middle East.

Joe Biden deployed F-16s, an aircraft carrier group, a battleship strike group, missile air defense systems, and 900 troops to man these missile defense batteries to the Middle East in anticipation of war with Iran.

Ramaswamy argued that the United States should limit its mission to securing the release of the 10 American hostages.

That led to MacCallum badgering Ramaswamy about not wanting to escalate to full on conflict with Iran.

“So, you say your priority would be to get Americans out,” MacCallum ranted. “And I’m saying, you could step in tomorrow and this could be the situation. How would you get them out?”

Ramaswamy responded that the United States needed a credible deterrent against Iran’s terrorist proxies, but added that America needed to avoid a mission creep that would lead to war with Iran.

“It’s easy to say now,” MacCallum raged. “You’re running for President. You’re saying that would be a priority for you. You’d wanna get the Americans out. But you’re not explaining– what we’re hearing is that the White House is asking to delay [an Israel ground invasion] until the Americans come out. Two people at a time? That could go on for years.”

Ramaswamy said that the United States posture should be standing with Israel and using what leverage it had to negotiate the release of the hostages.

But Ramaswamy noted that the United States couldn’t afford a war with Iran when Joe Biden already had America pinned down in a war with Russia over Ukraine.

“I don’t think that military action against Iran right now or starting a war with Iran and a ground war is at all in the U.S. interest,” Ramaswamy answered. “I think we’re in a window now where, if we’re clear that we’re not gonna military engage in this conflict – yes, we diplomatically stand for Israel – we have a window to negotiate the release of the hostages now.”

MacCallum sneered at Ramaswamy’s support for Trump’s America First foreign policy with the usual RINO establishment smear about retreating from the rest of the world.

“I’m sure that news that you want to pull out of all these places would be music to the Iranian leadership’s ears because that’s what they want,” MacCallum concluded. “They want America to be out of the region.”

But the simple fact of the matter is that Donald Trump avoided wars and America’s adversaries were not snatching our citizens up off the streets because they respected his peace through strength policy.

Joe Biden’s reckless globalist agenda weakened America to the point where terrorists kidnapped U.S. citizens and the nation faces the prospect of World War III.

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