Freedom-loving Americans are furious over this low blow from MSNBC

America is more divided than ever.

They’ve been caused by a number of things, but the Fake News Media is one of the leading causes. 

But Freedom-loving Americans are furious over this low blow from MSNBC. 

Fake news is spreading lies and distortions, which is splitting America in two

In today’s world, fake news is more common and accessible than ever before. 

One of the worst and most extremely far-left sources of fake news is MSNBC, which is always making it its mission to attack conservatives and divide America along racial, gender, and other divides. 

But Joy Reid took things to a whole new level on her MSNBC show The ReidOut when she claimed that the wildly popular Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, was a racist. 

Reid opened her show by saying, “We begin tonight with Florida, which I would argue, even with Texas existing, has emerged as the modern state in this country that comes the closest to a modern-day version of Jim Crow.” 

She then sneered, “Just hear me out. If there’s a state that better exemplifies the rot of MAGA Republican rule than the state of Florida that the governor has named, in very Orwellian fashion, the ‘Free State of Florida,’ I honestly don’t know what it is.” 

 To call Florida a modern-day version of Jim Crow is not only a very extremist remark, but it is categorically untrue. 

There is absolutely nothing about the way Ron DeSantis runs Florida that is even remotely reminiscent of its Jim Crow past.

It appears as if Joy Reid is confused about what the Jim Crow south actually means.  

Preventing trannies from dancing in front of young children is not a fair comparison to racist voting laws implemented by Democrats in centuries past. 

When it comes to Joy Reid and people like her, these comments are not designed to inform, but instead they are intended to divide. 

Joy Reid either must know that what she is saying is complete nonsense, or else she is just a plain imbecile. 

The reality is most likely somewhere in the middle.  

Joy Reid is likely a low IQ socialist race-baiting hack, who also knows how to fire people and further split this nation apart to pad her own pockets. 

Although Joy Reid does have the right to say these things, she should be more careful when it comes to her unfounded, fiery rhetoric. 

By identifying anybody who does not share her extremist worldview as racist, not only does she cast hatred upon millions of people, but she also instigates violence and hatred toward these people. 

This is a big reason why many people have turned their back on MSNBC.  

Year after year, MSNBC has some of the lowest ratings among news channels, and this is exactly why. 

People do not want to hear about how their conservative neighbors and family members are racists, but rather they want to know what is going on in the world. 

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