Gabby Giffords is targeting law-abiding gun owners for harassment and intimidation

The Second Amendment is under attack. 

Democrats know the Second Amendment stands in their way of total control of Americans’ lives and liberties.

Now Gabby Giffords is targeting law-abiding gun owners for harassment and intimidation. 

The Democrats and their hatred of the United States Constitution

Although Democrats like to paint the Second Amendment as obscure, the reality is, the Second Amendment is very concise and clear. 

The Second Amendment, and the rest of the Constitution for that matter, terrifies the Left because it gives power to the states and the people instead of the federal government, which the Left practically worships. 

That is why Democrats have devoted billions of dollars to try and take guns away from law-abiding gun owners because they would rather those guns only belong in the hands of federal agents. 

But what one anti-gun group is doing should terrify every single freedom-loving American. 

The GunsDownAmerica group, which was founded by former member of Congress Gabby Giffords, has announced their latest gun-grabbing scheme and it is radical to say the least. 

GunsDownAmerica laid out their scheme in black and white on their Twitter page when they recently tweeted out “Between 2007 and 2020, the killers in at least five major mass shootings used credit cards to finance their deadly rampages. These individuals exploited the banking system to purchase large quantities of firearms and ammunition — and the financial industry has the power to stop them” 

You read that right, this anti-gun group wants the banking industry to engage in a war against gun purchasing. 

This policy proposal also shows how clueless the Left is when it comes to gun policies. 

If you block credit cards then the homicidal maniacs who commit horrific mass shootings will find another way to purchase their weapons, it is as simple as that. 

The Left will not rest until every American is ripped away from their guns

This concept of having banks regulate ammo and gun purchases is not just alarming but it is flagrantly illegal. 

Credit card purchasers should have the right to use their credit cards however they see fit, as long as the products they buy are legal. 

This scheme shows that the far-left is willing to do anything to take guns from average, law-abiding Americans. 

Although this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, you must remember that Supreme Court majorities are fleeting and that one day this could become a very harsh reality imposed on Americans.

The best way to push back against these radical agendas is to ensure courtrooms across the land are full of judges who are willing to live up to their oath to defend the Constitution instead of destroying it. 

The right to keep and bear arms should never, ever be infringed and any lawmaker who votes to do so is breaking their solemn oath to the American public. 

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