Gavin Newsom is furious after this storied franchise packs its bags

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Millions of people and businesses have fled from California in recent years.

People are finding out the hard way that conducting business in California is simply not feasible under the control of radical Democrats. 

And Gavin Newsom is furious after this storied franchise packs its bags.

The Oakland A’s are the latest institution to flee the Golden State

On a daily basis, businesses and residents are forced to leave the Golden State, and more specifically, the city of Oakland.

Oakland and its neighboring communities on the east side of the San Francisco Bay have been particularly hard hit by crime and government mismanagement.

For decades, Oakland has suffered under the control of radical Democrat lawmakers who have made it their top priority to push out businesses and job creators.

On Thursday, it was unveiled that the Oakland Athletics professional baseball team will officially leave Oakland for Las Vegas.

The Athletics have played in Oakland since 1968 and have since brought home four World Series titles, making them one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball.

However, due to years of disputes with local officials, the Athletics are set to leave for Las Vegas in the near future. 

The Oakland Athletics are the third major professional sports team to flee from Oakland in recent years, following the departure of the Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders.  

Residents are not only dismayed about losing their beloved local team, but they are also angry about the thousands of jobs that will evaporate from the area as a result of the A’s departure.

Las Vegas, Nevada, has fought for the Oakland Athletics for quite some time, finally winning them over with the promise of a state of the art stadium.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Athletics currently play at the Oakland Coliseum, which is outdated and dilapidated. 

To make matters worse for the Athletics, the A’s have failed to put together a respectable season in years

As a result, the A’s have sported the lowest average attendance in Major League Baseball for their home games. 

The Oakland Athletics have hinted at leaving Oakland for quite some time.

However, their threats were ignored by the Oakland City Government, who have failed to keep the area safe and to put together a meaningful plan to build a new stadium. 

Why the A’s move to Las Vegas makes a lot of sense

There is a good reason why the A’s have decided to move from California to Nevada. 

For the most part, Nevada boasts a much more business friendly environment than California.

Nevada has less regulations, lower taxes, and is a Right to Work state, which prevents union bosses and government bureaucrats from gaining too much power over a company.

Oakland is a city in decay.

And the departure of the Oakland Athletics only represents the damage that Democrat lawmakers have brought to this once prosperous city. 

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