Gavin Newsom is in hot water over green energy for one reason he never saw coming

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Gavin Newsom has turned California into the national leader for the green energy transition.

But not all of his friends on the Left are happy with his latest project.

And Gavin Newsom is in hot water over green energy for one reason he never saw coming.

Massive California solar project angers local residents

California Governor Gavin Newsom is in a race to transition his state to wind and solar energy.

But the transition to green energy isn’t as smooth as he imagined it would be.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a massive solar farm that’s going to be built in Kern County, California – north of Los Angeles – has the local residents up in arms.

Green energy company Avantus is going to build the 2,300-acre Aratina Solar Project near the towns of Desert Lake and Boron in Kern County.

Construction on the project is kicking up dust from the desert in the area. 

Residents aren’t happy about the toll that the massive solar farm is going to take on the local environment.

The property that the solar farm is being built on is home to the endangered desert tortoise.

Residents of Boron and Desert Lake say state and local officials who signed off on the solar project are ignoring their concerns.

 “Let’s destroy the environment to save the environment. That seems to be the mentality,” Boron Junior-Senior High School teacher Deric English said. “It’s hard to comprehend.”

California is trying to expand the use of wind and solar energy even if it means harming the habitat of an endangered species.

Solar farms require massive amounts of land, which means that green energy companies have to build them in undeveloped areas.

The Aratina Solar Project is expected to generate enough power for 180,000 homes.

But that energy is going to bypass Kern County for wealthy California communities on the coast.

“The generated energy doesn’t even stay here,” English said. “It’s shipped to other communities hundreds of miles away.”

Thousands of Joshua Trees set to be destroyed for solar farm 

“Joshua trees, with their twisted, otherworldly shape, are often said to look like they were taken from the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. They grow just 1 to 3 inches a year, which means a 16-foot tree could be more than 100 years old,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

California officials are considering putting the tree on the state’s endangered species list. 

The environmental impact statement for the Aratina Solar Project found that there were almost 4,700 Joshua Trees in the area where construction would take place.

Over 500 of them were taller than 16 feet.

But the solar project will remove 3,500 Joshua Trees.

“I’m not aware of other projects where this many trees will be removed,” Basin and Range Watch official Kevin Emmerich said.

California passed a law protecting the Joshua Tree, but it added a carveout for green energy projects.

The massive amount of land needed for solar farms is creating a whole new set of environmental problems.

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