Gavin Newsom is threatening to bring criminal charges against Ron DeSantis

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Gavin Newsom hates Ron DeSantis and he is letting everyone in the country know about it. 

He rails against DeSantis for his policies on firearms, wokeness, abortion, and immigration.

Now Gavin Newsom is threatening to bring criminal charges against Ron DeSantis.

Joe Biden is allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter the country

Joe Biden has effectively opened the border to illegal aliens. Some states have even taken up an official policy of relocating people who enter the country without proper paperwork to sanctuary cities.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been making a splash in the immigration debate by bussing illegal aliens to Democrat-run cities around the country. He said that the lawmakers who are pushing to normalize illegal immigration should be footing the bill and taking care of the illegal aliens themselves.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also made it clear where he stands last year when he flew over a dozen illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. Of course, the island community, which is home to former President Barack Obama, quickly sent the illegal aliens packing without any remorse.

Now DeSantis might be in hot water after illegal aliens from South America ended up in California.

California Attorney General suggests DeSantis shipped illegal aliens to Sacramento

Last week, a private plane arrived in Sacramento and with it came a group of South American illegal aliens. The Lost Angeles Times reported that “the 16 migrants from Venezuela and Colombia were dropped off at the doorstep of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Sacramento.”

They said the illegal aliens were bussed from El Paso to New Mexico where they boarded a chartered flight to California. California Attorney General Rob Bonta said that he has reason to believe that the state of Florida was behind the transfer. 

In a statement issued on Saturday, Bonta said that his office is “investigating the circumstances” that saw “over a dozen migrants who were brought to Sacramento by private plane.” He said they are “evaluating potential criminal” charges and added that the  illegal aliens were carrying “documentation” from Florida.

Now they  are floating the idea of charging Florida officials with a serious crime.

Newsom and Bonta both suggest “kidnapping” charges will be on the table

Bonta suggested that the  illegal aliens were victims of “state-sanctioned kidnapping.” He called the practice of sending  illegal aliens to other states “immoral and disgusting.” He said that “we are a nation built by immigrants and we must condemn the cruelty and hateful rhetoric.”

Newsom echoed his sentiment with a post on Twitter Monday morning. He called DeSantis a “small, pathetic man” and warned him that “this isn’t Martha’s Vineyard.” He suggested that DeSantis might be facing “kidnapping charges” and shared a screenshot of the state definition of kidnapping.

While they are making serious accusations, it shouldn’t be missed that in Bonta’s statement he said California “will welcome these individuals with open arms and provide them with the care they will need after such a harrowing experience.” 

No one within the state government of California has presented any credible evidence that DeSantis or anyone in his government arranged this transfer of illegal aliens. 

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