Gavin Newsom just received two black marks that could end his bid to run the nation before it ever begins, Bureau of Reclamation, C BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Gavin Newsom’s name was seriously floated around as a potential replacement for President Joe Biden in November. 

Newsom’s name is already being heavily circulated for the Democrat nomination in 2028. 

But Gavin Newsom just received two black marks that could end his bid to run the nation before it ever begins. 

The rise and fall of the Golden State 

California used to be a hotspot for Republicanism. 

When the state was booming, it produced two GOP Presidential nominees, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. 

It was a dream of many Americans to head west for the opportunity that awaited them in the beautiful Golden State. 

But after decades of Democrat control, it’s a very different California. 

Working Californians have to bunk up with roommates in order to afford housing as the cost of living explodes in the state. 

The streets are littered with needles and feces. 

California is also overrun by homeless people and illegal aliens. 

Drugs and crime are running so rampant that even legendary actress Goldie Hawn told Kelly Ripa that “L.A. is just terrible.”  

Numerous celebrities and regular Joe’s alike are fleeing the Golden State in record numbers. 

Meanwhile, California is moving to become a so-called “sanctuary state” for confused kids who identify as transgender.

Democrats in the state want to keep transgender kids away from parents who don’t believe in puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change surgeries for minors. 

It may be hard to believe, but things actually just got worse for Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. 

The best and worst run cities in America 

The financial website WalletHub recently conducted a study to determine the best and worst run cities in America. 

Not surprisingly, the best run cities are all relatively small cities in red states. 

The gold, silver, and bronze spots for best run cities went to Nampa, Idaho; Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky; and Boise, Idaho. 

WalletHub based its findings on what it considers “operating efficiency.” 

To determine a city’s operating efficiency, the study compared services provided to the size of the city’s budget. 

They looked at the 148 largest cities in the country. 

The top 12 cities were all in red states before the first blue state city, Warwick, Rhode Island, made it on the list. 

On the other end of the spectrum came many blue state cities. 

In last place was San Francisco, which was just a little worse than Oakland. 

In fact, seven of the bottom 20 cities were in California. 

Along with the two Bay Area cities coming in 148th and 147th, Los Angeles ranked 139th, Sacramento 136th, Long Beach 135th, Riverside 133rd, and Fresno 129th. 

For the record, the only cities in red states that made it to the bottom 20 were Gulfport, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; Kansas City, Kansas; and Salt Lake City, Utah. 

If Gavin Newsom can’t get cities in his own state to run well, then what business does he have running the entire country? 

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