George Soros just made this shocking prediction about 2024 that left jaws on the floor

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The 2024 election season is officially underway with the most recent announcement by Nikki Haley.

Former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy after the November Midterm elections.

Now George Soros just made this shocking prediction about 2024 that left jaws on the floor.

George Soros thinks DeSantis could lead to a “Democratic landslide”

George Soros just told Republican strategists exactly what he believes they need to avoid in order to prevent a “Democratic landslide” in 2024. 

The billionaire left-wing ideologue said he hopes Governor DeSantis challenges Trump because the two “will slug it out for the Republican nomination.” 

Since he believes DeSantis is a “shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious” person and “donors are abandoning [Trump] in droves,” Soros said he would certainly predict DeSantis to win the GOP nomination.

But if Trump lost the nomination, Soros believes the former President would ultimately decide “to run as a third-party candidate.” Soros added that this “would lead to a Democratic landslide and force the Republican Party to reform itself.”

Soros sees a possible DeSantis versus Trump matchup as an existential threat to the Republican Party.

Of course, Soros did finish the statement by admitting that he “may be just a little biased.” 

Trump and Soros have a history of publicly condemning each other

Trump has been a vocal critic of Soros in the past. In an interview with Fox & Friends in 2020, Trump discussed the violent riots that were rocking Democrat cities and said that “Soros and…other people” were funding them.

Soros has long had it out for Trump. 

In January of 2020, he pledged $1 billion to develop a university network to help the world against the increasing threat of domination by “would-be and actual dictators.”

He made the announcement in 2020 at the World Economic Forum where he explained that the world was “at a transformational moment in history” and that “the survival of open societies is endangered.” 

Soros said this pledge would be the “most important” project of his lifetime.

During the speech, he compared Trump to Putin and Xi by calling them all “authoritarian rulers.” He had a special distaste for Trump and called him the “ultimate narcissist” and a “con man.”

Early polling shows Trump ahead in Republican Primary

Trump has already announced his candidacy, but Ron DeSantis is keeping his decision close to his chest.

Polls conducted on the hypothetical matchup have been all over the map. 

The most recent poll by Quinnipiac University showed Trump beating DeSantis by a 6-point margin in the Primary. The same poll showed Haley at 5 percent and Pompeo at 4 percent.

If the hypothetical race was anywhere near 50/50, it’s very difficult to say that the two wouldn’t broker a deal that results in one of them running as Vice President.

That seems like a much more likely situation than Soros’ dream of the Republican Party losing in a landslide to Joe Biden or whoever runs as the Democrat candidate.

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