George Soros just put this SINISTER plan in motion to ban Fox News

Ever since Fox News became the number one rated cable news network the Left has looked for a way to shut it down.

With Joe Biden in office the Left sees their chance.

And George Soros just put this sinister plan in motion to ban Fox News.

President Joe Biden once again nominated radical pro-censorship activist Gigi Sohn for a position on the Federal Communication Commission.

Sohn has deep ties to radical globalist billionaire and Democrat megadonor George Soros.

“Sohn has deep ties to leftist billionaire George Soros too,” The Media Research Center reported. “Sohn formerly served as the President of a liberal nonprofit called Public Knowledge which received at least $1,148,984 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations between 2016 and 2020. Open Society Foundations also named Sohn a 2017 “Leadership in Government” fellow.”

“On Jan 16, I start a Leadership in Government Fellowship @OpenSociety Foundations,” Sohn wrote on Twitter in December 2016. “I’ll be speaking, writing, etc. Follow me at @gigibsohn.”

Sohn has made her hostility towards Fox News and support for government-imposed censorship clear.

Back in 2020, Sohn demanded that the government haul Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott in for questioning alongside Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, so Congress could grill them on what the ruling class deems to be so-called “misinformation.”

Sohn also called for the government to strip Sinclair Broadcast Group – the second largest television station operator in America – of its broadcast license because their stations tend to question the so-called “mainstream” media narrative.

If the Senate confirms Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission, Sohn will hold a seat of power giving her the ability to carry out her anti-American fantasies of silencing conservative media outlets and censoring Democrats’ political opposition.

Sohn’s nomination stalled out in the last Congress, as all 50 Democrats would not agree to support her confirmation.

But now that Democrats gained a seat in the Midterm election, Joe Biden is sending Sohn’s nomination back to Congress.

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