George Soros just scored a major win as one of Biden’s newest advisors comes from his ranks

George Soros is a globalist billionaire who funds just about every left-wing cause you can think of.

In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, Soros has invested heavily in pushing for so-called “racial equity.”

And George Soros just scored a major win as one of Biden’s newest advisors comes from his ranks.

A focus on race and policy is now at play

Felicia Wong was just appointed as the Vice Chair of the newly formed Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity.

This new committee will look at the U.S. economy and how it has created “unfavorable conditions for communities of color.”

Not only is this preposterous new committee focused on defunding the police, but it’s also attempting to make race the centerpiece of virtually every government policy.

What’s even more disconcerting is that Wong was once an executive at the Democracy Alliance, a group partially founded by notorious billionaire George Soros.

The alliance is a network of far-left megadonors, which tells you everything you need to know about Wong’s goals for the United States economy.

Wong is also head of the Roosevelt Institute, which wants to “reimagine capitalism” and put so-called “racial justice” front-and-center when it comes to policy making.

In a report co-authored by Wong, she lauded the concept of wealth redistribution, all in the name of racial justice while uplifting the idea of ensuring equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities for all.

This kind of thinking is extremely dangerous, and it’s what got the country into the mess it’s in thanks to policies put in place during Barack Obama’s reign.

Wong also praised the idea of eliminating the filibuster in her report, claiming that it was a tool of white supremacy.

She stated that the filibuster has been used “throughout history by segregationists and other white supremacists.”

This new committee head under Biden has written several other reports filled with racist accusations and claims that capitalism is a system “dominated by those who are wealthy and white.”

If you thought racial division in the United States was bad already, this kind of rhetoric will only make things worse. 

Republicans push back

The Biden White House is still working hard to stoke the flames of division in the U.S. thanks to this new committee and its ultra-progressive appointment.

While Joe Biden claims he wants to bring the country together, he’s appointing far-left radicals to positions of power that will ultimately damage the country.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri said that Biden has made the “wokeification” of the federal government his priority number-one, ahead of the real needs of Americans.

Hawley also mentioned that the administration needs to “stop pandering to their left-wing base” and begin focusing on getting America back on track.

Perhaps Representative Kat Cammack of Florida said it best when she said that “division is the preferred strategy of the Biden administration.”

As Joe Biden continues to bring more leftists into the administration, he’s fanning the flames of division by choosing people who’d rather spend their time accusing people of racism than finding people who will do the hard work of bringing the country together.

Hopefully, the formation of these new ridiculous committees will backfire, and the nation will finally see a real, meaningful change after the Midterms.

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