George Soros revealed this bombshell plan to unleash hell on Donald Trump in 2024

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Polls show Donald Trump running away with the GOP nomination and running even with Joe Biden in the General Election.

A state of panic set in on the Left.

And George Soros revealed this bombshell plan to unleash hell on Donald Trump in 2024.

George Soros designated his son Alexander as the heir apparent to his fortune and political machine.

But Alexander is even more radical than his father in many ways.

A Media Research Center study of Alexander Soros’ rhetoric found him to be more extreme than his father.

“Alex has shown himself to be even more radically leftist than his father, on issues ranging from supporting abortion and climate change activism to outright anti-American propaganda. He considers the overturning of Roe v. Wade as one of the ‘worst’ days in U.S. history and even sees the Republican Party as ‘the Confederacy,’” the Media Research Center’s study read.

In an op-ed written for POLITICO Europe, Alexander Soros made it clear that the Soros-funded Open Societies Foundation would continue to push the globalist agenda on the continent in terms of supporting the war in Ukraine.

He also said he saw a Trump win in 2024 as an existential threat to the globe.

Soros made it clear that his political machine planned to play a big role in the 2024 Presidential election.

“As someone who spends up to half their time working on the Continent and thinks former United States President Donald Trump — or at least someone with his isolationist and anti-European policies — will be the Republican nominee, I believe a MAGA-style Republican victory in next year’s U.S. presidential election could, in the end, be worse for the EU than for the U.S. Such an outcome will imperil European unity and undermine the progress achieved on many fronts in response to the war in Ukraine,” Soros wrote.

“We are adapting OSF to be able to respond to whatever scenarios might emerge, on both sides of the Atlantic,” Soros added.

 In 2021, the Soros-funded 501c(4) nonprofit that falls under the umbrella of the Open Societies Foundation donated $140 million to radical left-wing groups and another $60 million to ideologically-aligned charities.

George Soros personally donated $170 million to Democrat campaigns and candidates in the 2022 Midterm elections.

If Trump wins in 2024, George Soros is afraid he will pull the plug on Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine.

And now his son is boasting of the family’s plans to train their financial firepower on Donald Trump.

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