George Soros suffered a huge defeat that will have Alvin Bragg worried

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George Soros installed left-wing prosecutors in major cities across America.

Alvin Bragg is one of the prosecutors Soros helped elect.

And now George Soros suffered a huge defeat that will have Alvin Bragg worried.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner was one of the first prosecutors George Soros helped elect back in 2016.

Gardner is resigning under pressure after years of criticism of her implementing the Soros agenda of turning criminals loose on the street.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Bailey forced Garnder’s resignation by filing a petition of quo warranto – which allows the state Attorney General to remove a prosecutor for failing to do their job.

Bailey cited thousands of criminal cases Gardner dismissed as a threat to public safety.

Fox News reported:

In the wake of the incident, Bailey filed a petition quo warranto, the legal mechanism under state statute that allows the attorney general to remove a prosecutor who neglects the job’s duties.

Bailey claims that nearly 12,000 criminal cases have been dismissed by what he calls Gardner’s failures. He also says more than 9,000 cases have been thrown out as they had been about to go to trial, forcing judges to dismiss more than 2,000 cases due to what Bailey described as a failure to provide defendants with evidence and speedy trials.

Bailey made his move against Gardner after a driver struck a female teenage volleyball player with his car and the girl lost both her legs.

The driver was already facing charges for armed robbery but was allowed out on bail despite violating the terms dozens of times.

Bailey then slammed Gardner for waiting until June 1 to resign when she could leave immediately.

Every day that Gardner remains in the job – Bailey reasoned – threatens the public since she could keep releasing criminals and refusing to prosecute crimes.

“There is absolutely no reason for the circuit attorney to remain in office until June 1,” Bailey declared. “We remain undeterred with our legal quest to forcibly remove her from office. Every day she remains puts the city of St. Louis in more danger. How many victims will there be between now and June 1? How many defendants will have their Constitutional rights violated? How many cases will continue to go unprosecuted?”

States around the country are waking up to the dangers of George Soros-funded prosecutors.

Even deep-Blue San Francisco recalled a Soros-funded DA.

And Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg should not think he is safe from the political consequences of following the Soros playbook just because he was elected in New York City.

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