Glenn Youngkin just dropped a truth bomb about this disturbing federal move Glenn Youngkin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

America’s adversaries have made considerable gains under Joe Biden’s watch. 

Rather than push back, Joe Biden and his administration have helped line their pockets. 

And Glenn Youngkin just dropped a truth bomb about this disturbing federal move. 

Glenn Youngkin warns that the Biden administration’s latest move is a gift to China 

Before entering office, Joe Biden promised to advance the Left’s radical green agenda. 

He has largely made good on this promise by shuttering oil pipelines and dumping massive funds into electric vehicle production. 

Many on the Left have criticized these moves as not enough, with many other Americans worrying about the exorbitant price tag and other costs associated with these plans. 

Most recently, the Biden administration announced a plan to spend over $100 million on solar panels for Department of Defense buildings. 

This plan includes putting solar panels on the Pentagon, which holds the record for the largest office building in North America. 

As it stands, this would require massive purchases from Chinese solar panel manufacturers that have direct ties to the communist government. 

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) just penned his concerns regarding this project to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. 

In the letter, Youngkin told Austin that “this decision has significant implications for U.S. national security and brings into question whether American taxpayer dollars will be used to purchase solar equipment from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), our greatest economic and geopolitical rival.”

Youngkin added that “I seriously question the prioritization of this investment and the national security implications of this potential procurement.”

“If this proceeds, I strongly urge you to ensure any hardware installed on the roof of the Pentagon is manufactured in the United States and the component materials are domestically sourced,” the Governor concluded. 

As Youngkin pointed out in his letter, allowing Chinese companies and entities to manufacture equipment for the Pentagon raises some considerable security concerns. 

Doing so also deprives American companies of this lucrative opportunity while lining the pockets of Chinese businessmen. 

In addition to the Pentagon, this plan would put Chinese-made solar panels on at least 30 other Department of Defense installations. 

Some of these include bases and garrisons all over the world. 

Joe Biden has once again affirmed that America comes last 

Many Americans would agree that Joe Biden has failed to prioritize the best interests of Americans since taking office. 

American consumers, businesses, and manufacturers have suffered under Joe Biden’s watch, which some political experts believe could help explain his low approval ratings. 

Just last week, polling giant Emerson released a poll that showed only 37% of respondents approve of Joe Biden. 

These numbers indicate that the vast majority of Americans do not approve of Joe Biden and how he is running the country. 

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