GOP lawmakers are ready to go to war with the federal government in this newly-proposed bill

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The Biden administration is using its power to push the Left’s radical ideology through its various agencies.

But Americans are tired of the divisive rhetoric and the mass manipulation coming out of the White House. 

And GOP lawmakers are ready to go to war with the federal government in this newly-proposed bill.

The fight against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is moving to the federal level

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a term that is loaded with controversy these days. 

Corporate America and government entities have been pushing it to level the playing field for minorities. 

But detractors say that it is the true embodiment of systemic racism. 

Companies are required to consider the immutable characteristics of a person when making decisions about hiring and promotions. 

In the past, this would have been considered overt racism.

And it can technically be viewed as illegal through the lens of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

Some state governments have been standing up and fighting back against DEI. 

Florida banned state tax dollars from going towards DEI programs in higher education. 

But Republicans in Congress are now taking the war to the federal level.

J.D. Vance: “DEI is racism, plain and simple“

Last week, Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) and Representative Mike Cloud (R-TX) introduced the Dismantle DEI Act of 2024. 

The Act promises to reel in the executive branch and put an end to the funding of DEI activities within the federal government. 

That means no DEI funding to any federal agencies, educational institutions, or nongovernmental organizations.

If passed, the bill would override all of Biden’s executive orders that have any relation to DEI investment. 

Vance said that “DEI is racism, plain and simple. It’s time to outlaw it nationwide, starting with the federal government.”

Cloud also released a statement saying that DEI is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

“These initiatives, presented as promoting fairness, have instead fostered division and racial bias within our institutions and culture—which is not serving taxpayers well,” he said.

Cloud believes that this legislation is “a necessary step to restore merit and equality” in our institutions.

“The most comprehensive legislative effort yet to excise DEI initiatives”

Nearly two dozen Republican lawmakers have voiced their support for the passing of this bill. 

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has joined as a cosponsor. 

The bill has also received major applause from multiple freedom-minded groups. 

Heritage Action for America, Citizens for Renewing America, and the Claremont Institute Center for the American Way of Life have all put their rubber stamp on it.

The Washington Free Beacon called it “the most comprehensive legislative effort yet to excise DEI initiatives from the federal government and regulated entities.” 

The federal government has been spending tens of millions of dollars on these racist programs under Biden. 

One senior staff member at the Department of Transportation told the Beacon that DEI is “screwing everything up.” 

“These onerous Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion requirements handcuff professionals from making proper evaluations,” they said.

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