Governor Greg Abbott made a shocking claim about the disaster at the border that left jaws on the floor

Out of all of the problems our nation is facing right now, the disaster that is happening at the Mexican border is undoubtedly one of the most concerning.

People are flooding the border from all over the world, and the radical Left wants them to come into our nation without any sort of verification or quota.

And Governor Greg Abbott made a shocking claim about the disaster at the border that left jaws on the floor.

Joe Biden’s relaxed entry requirements combined with the generous handouts some states like California are providing have created a stampede at the southern border.

There is no way of sugar-coating it, our southern border is a complete and total mess.

The Biden administration along with blue states like California have promised illegal immigrants lavish benefits including free healthcare, food stamps, free college, free housing, voting rights, and more.

As a direct result, there has been a bum rush to the border.

While there are some who wish to enter the United States to give themselves and their families better lives, there are many who wish to come in to take advantage and wreak havoc on the American public.

When it comes to this crisis at the border, there are few people who understand these dynamics better than the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

And just the other day, Governor Abbott issued a dire warning to the entire nation.

Gov. Abbott said, “As you know, it’s a total disaster – not only by President Biden and his administration but by the Democrats across the board”. He then went on to claim it is “the worst I have ever seen.”

However, fortunately, Gov. Abbott has an action plan.

In the same interview, Gov. Abbott claimed that the state of Texas will take action by “building its own border wall, Texas laying down miles of razor wire to prevent people from coming across the border, creating boat blockades. And I will tell you this — something else that’s never happened before, and that is the Texas National Guard. They have turned back more than 15,000 people who attempted to come across the board illegally.”

Thank goodness for Governors like Greg Abbott.

The sad thing is, it should not have to come to this.

States should not have to worry about international affairs such as this.

Historically, the federal government has been responsible for border security.

But as Abbott points out, the current regime in Washington, D.C. has absolutely no desire to keep the southern border secure.

That should worry every American citizen.

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