Governor Phil Murphy is calling Republicans racist for this outrageous reason

The Left loves to accuse conservatives of racism. 

It’s gotten to the point where the term has lost all meaning.

And Governor Phil Murphy is calling Republicans racist for this outrageous reason.

Crime is on the rise and voters know that Democrats do a poor job handling the issue. 

New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy said Republicans are playing the “crime card” and apparently that’s racist. 

Appearing on an episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Murphy claimed, “Listen, the other guys play the crime card relentlessly and shamelessly, it seems every election. And the facts and their portrayal of the facts are in entirely different places. That doesn’t mean that crime is not an issue. It doesn’t mean that we’re not focused on it. But I will just say, in New Jersey this year, violent crimes, shooting, homicides are all down meaningfully, between something like 15 and 30%. We invest deeply, not just here, but as a party, in the relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We invest in law enforcement. So, they’re really good at playing the card. It reminds me — frankly, it goes back to Nixon’s southern strategy. It’s got racial elements to it. Let’s just call that for what it is. And here we go again. It’s — I feel like it’s a movie that we’ve seen time and time again and they’re pulling that card out again this time.”

Democrats fail on crime

Of course, in virtually every community that Democrats control, crime is out of hand. 

Democrats’ pro-crime policies, like no bail, light sentencing, and defunded police departments are the obvious cause. 

But while left-wing elitists like Murphy tend to be unaffected by it, their constituents are.

Independent voters are overwhelmingly siding with Republicans on crime. 

So much so that Murphy’s neighboring state of New York could actually elect a Republican Governor from that issue. 

New York’s current unelected Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul has accused Republicans of conspiring to exaggerate the crime issue.

Her opponent, Republican Lee Zeldin, has made crime a central focus of his campaign.

As a result, Zeldin is only a few points behind in the polls in this state that Joe Biden won by 23 points.

Black Democrats are concerned about crime

Left-wing elites who live in their sheltered gated communities don’t care about the crime issue. 

They are the ones who claim concern over crime is some sort of “racist dog whistle.” 

But this poll shows just how wrong they are.

Not surprisingly, just 33% of white Democrats see crime as a very important issue according to a Pew Research poll.

That same poll found that a whopping 82% of black Democrats saw the issue as very important. 

That makes sense as they are the ones whose communities are most affected by crime. 

Law-abiding black Americans, even those who agree with Democrats on other issues, want something to be done about the crime situation.

While Democrats continue to call Republicans racist, it is their own pro-crime policies that are harming black communities. 

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