Greg Gutfeld and Bill Maher are laughing at the one enemy they both have in common

Screenshot via Youtube, HBO

The ratings show that Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld is the new king of late night comedy. 

Television host Bill Maher approaches comedy from the other side of the aisle, but unlike his peers he’s still telling jokes and not just pushing left-wing propaganda.

And now Greg Gutfeld and Bill Maher are laughing at the one enemy they both have in common.

Greg Gutfeld meets Bill Maher

Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld is a somewhat moderate Republican. 

HBO’s Bill Maher is a somewhat logical Democrat. 

When it comes to political policies, the two do not agree on much. 

But when Gutfeld was the guest on Maher’s Club Random podcast, the two found something they wholeheartedly agree on – political correctness and the thought police who try to enforce it are a net negative for society. 

The two comedians put the woke crowd on blast while discussing how cancel culture has eliminated the chance of audiences getting classic movies like Rain Man and Animal House in today’s climate. 

Could classic films still be made today?

“When you hear it now, in 2023, you hunch up, not because of it in itself, but because you know the reaction it will cause,” Maher said. “You know you’re going to have to listen to people bit**ing about this, and posturing and pretending they’re so offended and it’s so terrible and that’s what’s going to be so gross.”

Gutfeld agreed and added that social media has allowed the fragile sensitivities of the Left to whip up an angry mob that can ruin careers and silence opinions. 

“They get on Twitter and then they kind of create this kind of mob reaction,” Gutfeld said. “And then it’s people are so bored, and they’re so distracted, and also it’s a personal power thing. It’s like if I don’t have any power in my world, at least on here I can exert some kind of power, get somebody to apologize, and it feels good.”

Maher responded by pointing out another technological advancement that has hurt American society and culture as a whole. 

“The phone made people assholes, full stop,” Maher said. “It allows you to just be so fu**ing cowardly, anonymous, shady, fake, all these shi**y qualities it brought out in people.”

The Left hates comedy

Gutfeld has been crowned the new king of late night comedy. 

In fact, Gutfeld made history by becoming the first cable program host to hold the title of “most-watched” late-night show – beating out broadcast network competitors at CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Big names like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, James Corden, John Oliver, and others have been getting crushed by Gutfeld’s relatively new late night talk show on a cable news network. 

Bill Maher has been a noted liberal comedian for decades, with his own shows and stand-up specials. 

However, he recently started to part ways with his Party of choice – conflicting with some of the Democrats’ most extreme positions like silencing opposition, trying to get rid of the First and Second Amendment, Critical Race Theory in schools, and pushing LGBTQ+ propaganda in the classroom. 

Despite the fact that he agrees with them on the vast majority of policy issues, his independent thought and use of common sense has made Maher many enemies on the Left. 

Could Rain Man or Animal House be made in today’s cancel culture climate?