Greta Thunberg is shaking with rage after this damning report went public

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Most people agree that society should strive for a clean and healthy environment.

But climate alarmists have exclaimed one lie after another and turned millions of people away from their cause.

And Greta Thunberg is shaking with rage after this damning report went public.

Climate Change activists are not doing themselves any favors with their embellishments and alarmist strategies

It is impossible to deny that this has been a very hot summer.

From Death Valley, California, to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, blistering heat has forced many people to stay inside.

CNN even claimed that “the world has just experienced the hottest summer on record – by a significant margin.”

Other media outlets have echoed this alarming claim, often citing individual localities that experienced record-breaking heat.

However, it appears that these claims are nothing short of another mainstream media fabrication.

In a study of the Earth’s temperatures over the last 500 million years carried out by the Smithsonian Institution (who are by no means climate deniers), it appears as if the Earth has been much much hotter in the past.

More specifically, the study claimed that “the two researchers also thought a temperature curve could counter climate contrarians’ claim that global warming is no concern because Earth was much hotter millions of years ago. Wing and Huber wanted to show the reality of ancient temperature extremes—and how rapid shifts between them have led to mass extinctions. Abrupt climate changes, Wing says, ‘have catastrophic side effects that are really hard to adapt to.’”

Additionally, claims on its website that “modern human civilization, with its permanent agriculture and settlements, has developed over just the past 10,000 years or so. The period has generally been one of low temperatures and relative global (if not regional) climate stability. Compared to most of Earth’s history, today is unusually cold; we now live in what geologists call an interglacial—a period between glaciations of an ice age.”

With this in mind, it is fair to say that CNN and other mainstream media outlets are not being entirely truthful to the general public.

In a nutshell, although this was one hot summer, saying that it is the hottest summer on record is very misleading at best.

Experts remain divided on the details of climate change, regardless of what the radical Left claims

Time and time again, those on the Left like to claim that nearly all scientists support their climate theories and that any skeptics are science deniers.

From the beginning of modern science and the development of the scientific method, theories have been reviewed and revised based on prevailing data and data collection methods.

And taking a theory like global warming and demanding everyone accept it without question spits in the face of science.

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