Gretchen Whitmer just took one action that left parents red with rage

The Democrat Governor of Michigan just can’t help herself.

During her time as Governor, she’s proved she cares more about promoting left-wing causes than helping Michiganders.

And Gretchen Whitmer just took one action that left parents red with rage.

To prove how pro-abortion she really is to her radical left constituency, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed nearly $20 million dollars worth of funding in the state budget dedicated to promote adoption and abortion alternatives.

You see, for radical Democrats like Whitmer, they are not actually “pro-choice” but rather pro-abortion-on-demand up until birth and taxpayers should foot the bill.

Democrats and leftists attacking crisis pregnancy centers

Governor Whitmer’s assault on crisis pregnancy centers is just the latest salvo from the fringe Left as they continue their summer of rage in response to historic overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Just recently, Massachusetts Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren called for the shutting down of all crisis pregnancy centers, further proving that these radicals are not “pro-choice” in the least in their full frontal assault on the rights of unborn Americans.

And let us not forget the fire-bombing and vandalism of churches and pregnancy centers after the deliberate leaking of the Dobbs decision back in May (of which the leaker has yet to be found).

Whitmer can’t shut up about abortion on the campaign trail

Rather than focusing on the issues that are really important to Michigan such as inflation, crime and tax relief, it seems Governor Whitmer’s top focus is enshrining abortion “rights” in the U.S. Constitution and Michigan Constitution by any means necessary.

She’s demanding the Michigan Supreme Court find an absolute “right to abortion” in the State Constitution, something that a Michigan Court of Appeals has already previously rejected and essentially what the U.S. Supreme Court decided about the U.S. Constitution in the Dobbs decision.

Whitmer is trying to make a name for herself by obnoxiously posting profanity-laced Tweet after profanity-laced Tweet that she is “fighting like hell” to protection abortion-on-demand in Michigan.

With how poorly Michigan’s economy is doing and how many tax relief plans she’s vetoed from the Republican-controlled State Legislature, it’s no wonder she’s spending most of her time talking about abortion.

Can Whitmer win on abortion alone?

With President Biden’s approval numbers tanking in Michigan (and nationwide), inflation going through the roof, five dollar a gallon gas and violent crime on the rise, it’s an interesting strategy for Whitmer to put so much energy in the fight for abortion, especially with polling showing that most Americans disagree with abortion-on-demand up until birth.

While Whitmer’s approval numbers are at about 50 percent, the campaign for Governor has yet to really kick off. 

Will Michiganders really go along with her radical views on abortion all while their lifesavings are being decimated by double-digit inflation? 

Michigan has never witnessed an incumbent Governor losing their reelection bid while their party is in control of the White House, but with the political environment as hostile towards Democrats as it is today, there is hope for God-fearing Michiganders that Whitmer could just be taken out by the growing tide of resentment against the Biden administration.

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