Grocery shopping is about to get way more expensive thanks to Joe Biden’s failed policies

The American economy has completely turned sour.

Hard-working Americans are suffering from it. 

And grocery shopping is about to get way more expensive thanks to Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Rising food prices are hurting hard working Americans everywhere

Over the last couple of years, food prices have spiraled out of control.

Not only are restaurants charging more than ever before, but groceries are reaching record prices as well.

Just about every single food item has been subjected to these insane prices surges and it looks like another staple good will soon be on the rise. 

According to reports from consumer advocacy groups and the Wall Street Journal, butter prices are set to skyrocket in the near future. 

Butter prices have already risen by 24.6 percent since last year, for an average price of $4.77 per unit in August.

As it stands, inflation is the biggest threat to the American economy, and as a result every single good has gone up in price.

These price increases combined with the diminished value of the dollar is a recipe for disaster for consumers. 

Butter is considered to be a staple good and many everyday products use butter. 

The truth is butter is just the beginning. 

Expect other dairy products such as milk, cream, cheese, and ice cream to all go up.

Beef has already seen major price hikes, which will only get worse.

Rapid food price increases yet again prove why Joe Biden is an awful President

These butter price hikes are just further proof that Joe Biden is an inept and horrible President.

Every aspect of life in America has declined under his watch, and his socialist policies are to blame.

America needs to remember their grocery bills this November, because unless some serious changes are made, things will only get worse.

Americans are struggling, particularly low income and middle income Americans.

Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C. have not been to a grocery store to do their own shopping in years, so it should come as a surprise that these elites do not care about butter prices.

But the best way to undo this damage is to remove Democrats from office this November.

Their disastrous policies have caused the economy to collapse and food prices to hit record highs.

This should be very obvious to all Americans, yet Democrats seem to not care. 

Out-of-control spending has weakened the dollar to previously unthinkable levels, and it is about time to stop the bleeding. 

If nothing is done then another Great Depression could be looming just over the horizon for America.

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