Gun owners are in panic mode with this horrible law on the horizon

For conservatives, this election cycle did not exactly go as planned. 

Not only did Democrats retain control of the Senate, but many states passed measures that are radical to say the very least. 

And now gun owners are in panic mode with this horrible law on the horizon.

Oregon Democrats have declared a war on the Second Amendment

One aspect of the Midterm Elections that has not gotten enough publicity is the slew of extreme far-left ballot measures that were passed in a number of states. 

One of the most extreme measures was passed in Oregon.

Ballot Measure 114 is an extreme anti-gun bill that places a statewide ban on magazines with 10 ten or more rounds as well as implementing a fee of $65 as well as mandates to submit fingerprints and pass a gun safety course for anybody who wishes to own a gun of any sort. 

The measure passed by an extremely thin margin of 50.9% for and 49.1% against.  

Now the measure is scheduled to take effect on December 8, 2022. 

It’s widely regarded as one of the most extreme gun laws ever passed in the United States and as a result gun owners in Oregon are in panic mode. 

During the week of October 30, right before the Midterm Elections, Oregon state police claimed that they “received 8,609 requests for gun background checks on prospective buyers.”. 

But following the passage of BM 114, this rate “more than doubled to 18,065” according to state police. 

This proves that the people of Oregon are scrambling to get their hands on guns before this draconian ballot measure takes place. 

So much so that state police claim that they are completely overwhelmed with background checks, which they say could take a very long time to process. 

What is happening in Oregon could easily happen to the rest of America

Make no mistake, Ballot Measure 114 is just a small taste of what Democrats want for the rest of America. 

Not only is this ballot measure blatantly illegal, but it will almost certainly do nothing to curb violent crime. 

Believe it or not, criminals do not care about ballot measures banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, they are criminals for a reason. 

This radical gun law only serves to punish responsible gun owners, who undoubtedly make society safer. 

Hopefully, the people of Oregon will quickly recognize how horrible this measure is and file lawsuits to have it undone. 

The Second Amendment is not some suggestion as liberals would like to believe, but rather one of the most foundational laws in America. 

Ballot Measure 114 should disgust each and every freedom-loving American. 

Rather than taking common-sense steps to make crime-plagued cities like Portland safer, Oregon has instead decided to pass measures to punish responsible, law-abiding gun owners. 

There is absolutely nothing free about the State of Oregon and now is the time for the people of Oregon to stand up to their oppressive government. 

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