Gun owners are up in arms over this top Democrat’s national gun-grabbing plot

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Pro-Second Amendment Americans are not taking kindly to this latest Democrat gun grab.

Law-abiding citizens are fearful that they will become the target of the authoritarian left-wing agenda.

And gun owners are up in arms over this top Democrat’s national gun-grabbing plot.

In a shocking display of audacity, Governor Gavin Newsom is bulldozing forward with his radical plan to spearhead a Constitutional change that could undermine the very fabric of the Second Amendment.

Newsom’s audacious agenda includes raising the legal age for gun ownership to 21, imposing mandatory background checks, and implementing a waiting period for purchasing firearms.

But he’s also seeking a nationwide ban on so-called assault weapons.

And he wants to do it by holding a Constitutional Convention.

However, concerns are bubbling to the surface among his fellow Democrats.

Some leftists are publicly slamming Newsom’s blueprint over the Pandora’s box it could unleash.

What starts as a gun control amendment could morph into an open season for conservatives to insert amendments targeting core issues like abortion and LGBTQ rights.

But Newsom brushed these concerns aside and insisted that he’s focused on his own vision of progress.

Not content with mere words, Newsom’s crusade has now been materialized into a resolution presented by two lawmakers aiming to make California the first state to officially endorse the notion of a convention to deliberate on his proposal.

But experts and dissenting voices are sounding the alarm.

Erwin Chemerinsky, the Dean of UC Berkeley’s law school, slammed the strategy as “dangerous” and questioned the efficacy of limiting a Constitutional Convention to a single topic.

Representative Jared Huffman joined the chorus of critics and asserted that the proposed limitations failed to address fundamental concerns about the strategy’s potential consequences.

Even though State Senator Scott Wiener shares Newsom’s passion for gun control, he fears unintended repercussions of a Constitutional Convention.

The political landscape adds yet another layer of complexity to this convoluted saga.

With most state legislatures in America under Republican control, Newsom’s quest to gather enough states in support of his plan seems increasingly unlikely.

The partisan divide could render his ambitious goals unattainable.

Chemerinsky called into question the very necessity of a Constitutional Convention and emphasized that Newsom’s proposals could be pursued through federal or state legislation.

If the political will is lacking to achieve this, it follows that the states willing to back Newsom’s gun control measures at a Constitutional Convention would be few and far between.

Newsom’s argument that his proposals are thwarted by the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision was met with skepticism by some.

The Governor asserts that the ruling, which invalidated certain state laws restricting the open carry of firearms, has become a thorn in the side of gun-control efforts.

Despite the cacophony of concerns and doubts, Newsom remains steadfast in his endeavor.

The looming question is whether the Constitutional Convention he’s championing could be the force that reshapes the nation’s stance on gun control or if it will dissolve into a quagmire of divisive debates.

As gun owners keep a wary eye on Newsom’s relentless pursuit of his goals, the battle for preserving their Constitutional rights continues unabated.

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