Hakeem Jeffries is hanging his head in shame after seeing this devastating poll

The truth is that the Midterm elections did not go as planned for conservatives. 

The good news is that Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker and she never will be again. 

And now her replacement Hakeem Jeffries is hanging his head in shame after seeing this devastating poll. 

Top House Democrats are off to a very rocky start

Democrats have named Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York to serve as Minority Leader, taking Pelosi’s place as leader of the House Democrats. 

That means he will likely be the Democrat’s top choice for Speaker if they are able to win back a majority anytime soon. 

Unfortunately for Jeffries and his fellow Democrats, Hakeem Jeffries is not well-liked or even well-known by the public. 

In a recent poll conducted by CBS News of 2,144 American adults, only 18% of respondents had a favorable view of the House Minority Leader, and a whopping 41% of respondents had not even heard of him. 

Admittedly, Hakeem Jefferies is not somebody that has received much media attention, but given his troubling past perhaps he should receive more attention. 

Ever since the 2016 election, Hakeem Jeffries has cried foul calling the elections “hijacked without question.” 

Jeffries is an extreme far-left radical who proudly denied the results of the 2016 elections, and every American should be concerned about his stealthy rise to power. 

Hakeem Jeffries would be an absolute nightmare as Speaker of the House, and every single freedom-loving American must make sure this never happens. 

People like Hakeem Jeffries want nothing more than to turn the entire United States into a worse-off version of New York, which is a terrifying thought. 

House Republicans will have their hands full over the next two years

Kevin McCarthy may not be the most principled conservative, but as a result of the deal which got him elected speaker, strong conservatives will now wield significant power in the House. 

Gone are the days of Kangaroo courts and nonsensical witch hunts that only served to attack Donald Trump and his family. 

Instead, expect House Republicans to investigate issues that actually matter.

Some matters that House Republicans are already pursuing include the use of the FBI to censor conservatives on Twitter and other Big Tech platforms, the multitude of crimes committed by Hunter Biden, and now Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. 

Joe Biden and his family have been committing crimes for decades now and the Biden family is easily one of the most corrupt political families in recent American history. 

Holding Joe Biden and the Democrats accountable for their corruption must be a top priority for the next two years. 

Nobody is above the law, even the President and his family, and House Republicans must make this point very clear.

As far as Hakeem Jeffries is concerned, conservatives must make sure that voters know about his extremist record in order to prevent him from ever serving as Speaker. 

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