Hakeem Jeffries just sent shockwaves across the nation with these radical abortion comments

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The abortion issue has polarized Americans for decades, but many Democrats have become even more entrenched in their pro-abortion views since the landmark Dobbs decision. 

After millions of pro-abortion voters flocked to the polls to cast their votes for Democrats in 2022, elected officials are now doing everything in their power to rile up pro-abortion voters in an attempt to secure victory in 2024. 

And Hakeem Jeffries just sent shockwaves across the nation with these radical abortion comments. 

The Democrat Party will keep moving to the Left until it hurts them politically

Following the 2022 election and Nancy Pelosi’s removal from the office of Speaker of the House, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries of New York has emerged as a rising star within the Democrat Party. 

Jeffries currently serves as House Minority leader, and if Democrats reclaim the House in 2024, many political pundits expect him to ascend to Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

Few Americans know much about him, but some of his recent remarks reveal that he is anything but a moderate.  

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight, Jeffries discussed his thoughts on the nation’s current abortion policies and what he thinks should happen moving forward. 

Wagner said that “they [Republicans] seem to think, Leader Jeffries, that there’s some difference that the American public sees in a ban versus a 15-week, what they call a limit, or at least that’s what Virginia Governor Youngkin calls it.” 

“And they — despite the results of last night — they keep hammering down on this notion that the public sees a difference between giving a woman reproductive freedom for an entire pregnancy and just part of the pregnancy,” he continued. “What is your response to that specific strategy?” he asked Jeffries.

“Well, abortion care should be a choice between a woman and her doctor, period, full stop,” Jeffries replied. “Not these extreme politicians who are trying to jam their ideology into this incredibly important, sensitive healthcare decision, that a woman should be able to make.” 

In a nutshell, Jeffries said he supports free access to abortion without any limits whatsoever. 

Although late-term abortions are relatively uncommon as compared to abortions within the first 15 weeks of pregnancy, the idea of a fully formed child being put to death terrifies many Americans. 

Abortion has become a losing issue in many states, even traditionally Red states

If the last several elections have proven anything, it is that the Left is mobilized on the issue of abortion. 

In traditionally Red states like Kansas and Ohio, Republicans have failed to win over voters on the abortion issue. 

As a result, Democrats like Hakeem Jeffries are doubling down on their extreme agenda and calling for national policies that lift any and all restrictions on abortion.

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