High-ranking Biden administration official just gave China a massive victory

Former President Donald Trump took a hardline on China. 

It helped him win the 2016 Presidential election and led to improved relations and more advantageous trade deals with the Pacific powerhouse. 

Now this high-ranking Biden Administration office just gave China a victory they’d been seeking for decades. 

Does Taiwan exist?

The history of Taiwan is complicated. 

As a result of a war between China and Japan, the Island of Taiwan was transferred to Chinese control back in 1945. 

The Taiwanese people revolted and during the Chinese Civil war, martial law ensued in the territory from 1949 all the way to 1987 – when the democratization process in Taiwan began. 

In 1996 they held their first direct Presidential election. 

And by 2000, the Democratic Progressive Party DPP came to power and began to pursue Taiwanese independence and identity.

Over the past 22-years, China has refused to acknowledge Taiwan as an independent country. 

And any one who wants to do business in China, also has to deny Taiwan’s existence, just ask John Cena. 

And now, with China saber-rattling and threatening the island, the Biden administration is picking sides. 

And they’ve decided to side with China. 

Joe Biden sides with the CCP

The spokesman for President Joe Biden’s National Security Council, John Kirby just said the Administration believes in the “One China” policy. 

“Nothing has changed about our ‘One China’ policy,” Kirby said. “We have repeatedly said that we oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side.”

However, America’s “One China” policy was originally created to be intentionally vague. 

It signals support for the government of Taiwan without overtly threatening China’s claim to the island.

But Kirby went a step further in outright denying Taiwanese independence exists.

“We have said that we do not support Taiwan independence,” Kirby added. “And we have said that we expect cross-straight differences to be resolved by peaceful means.”

Kirby is echoing the words of his boss from last week. 

While issuing a statement to Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Biden said the U.S. stands firmly behind its “One China” policy.

Is World War III on the horizon?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi added Taiwan to her east Asia trip. 

When she arrived on the island, China began performing military exercises above the country. 

In response to the Speaker’s visit, the Chinese Communist Party is speeding up military readiness for a potential unification attack – similar to what Russia is doing in Ukraine. 

The United States government currently supports the Taiwanese military with aid – which would likely be elevated should the CCP attack the island.

There is no doubt Chinese President Xi Jinping is watching the situation in Ukraine unfold and taking notes on the world response. 

However, Taiwan isn’t Ukraine. 

It’s an engineering power that supplies the bulk of the world’s computer chips.

Furthermore, if China gets a stronghold in Taiwan, Japan would be just a stone’s throw away for the CCP military.  

Should the U.S. recognize Taiwan as an independent country?