Hollywood is learning its lesson the hard way after getting this devastating news

Saying that this year has not been a good year for Hollywood is a major understatement. 

After completely selling out to the woke mob, Hollywood is facing massive blowback. 

And Hollywood is learning its lesson the hard way after getting this devastating news.

Those who go woke almost always go broke

In recent years, Hollywood has made it their mission to completely bow down to the woke outrage mob.

Just about every movie and television show these days is riddled with unwatchable woke messaging. 

Now, as a direct result of this nauseating pandering, Hollywood is seeing a major decline in revenue. 

In 2022 alone, major studios, streamers, cable providers, and other media giants lost a combined $542 billion in market value. 

Media goliaths Disney, Comcast, and Netflix took the biggest losses. 

There are several contributing factors that led to this massive decline. 

Advertising revenue is down sharply as a result of consumers buying less. 

Joe Biden’s crippling inflation has caused the price of most household goods to skyrocket, meaning that families have less to spend on streaming services and advertised products. 

The other major factor is Hollywood’s giving in to “wokism.” 

Disney is the most overt example of such bowing down to the woke mob. 

In 2022, Disney released several films that had radical LGBT themes, and unsurprisingly, every single film that had such themes completely flopped. 

This year alone, Disney saw their stocks dip lower than at any time since 1974. 

Parents are simply fed up with Disney’s woke brainwashing. 

Moving forward, it seems highly unlikely that things will get any better for Disney and other liberal-controlled entertainment companies. 

If anything, the worst has yet to come for these massive companies. 

Why consumers are fed up with major entertainment companies

For decades, Disney was seen as an indestructible entertainment company due to its ability to regularly churn out family-friendly entertainment. 

But now, this has all changed due to Disney’s radical shift to the Left. 

Parents simply do not want their young children watching LGBT brainwashing.

On top of that, other entertainment companies are putting out one piece of hot garbage after another. 

One of the only films that did well this year was Top Gun: Maverick, which portrayed the military in a good light and featured many pro-American, patriotic themes. 

Hollywood does not seem to understand this yet and is still determined to put out one piece of woke garbage after another. 

To Hollywood, everything has to have some deeper, woke meaning, or at the very least woke elements. 

A prime example is Disney’s Lightyear, which portrayed the long-awaited origin story of Buzz Lightyear. 

However, this movie ended up flopping in a major way due to the movie including a lesbian kiss scene among other woke bits. 

Instead of finding ways to corrupt young minds with nauseating virtue signaling, Hollywood should simply focus on making entertaining films and television shows. 

People do not want politics rammed down their throats when they are trying to unwind and relax. 

If Hollywood doesn’t realize this soon then they will continue to bleed cash.

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