House Republicans just introduced one proposal about the Communist Chinese that left Eric Swalwell sweating bullets

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The Communist Chinese have infiltrated almost every segment of American society.

But new reports show the Communist Party’s intelligence apparatus is spreading its web wider and wider.

And House Republicans just introduced one proposal about the Communist Chinese that left Eric Swalwell sweating bullets.

It’s public knowledge that Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had a “fling” with a known Communist Chinese spy.

But it turns out that might not be the worst of it.

“Collaboration” with the Chinese Communist Party

Republicans are proposing an amendment to the House rules that would explicitly bar Congressional members from any “collaboration” with a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence service.

Led by Texas Republican Congressman Morgan Luttrell, seven members of Congress introduced the Anti-Foreign Adversary Collaboration Resolution, which would prohibit members of Congress “from serving on the board of directors of any entity which receives funding from, or is affiliated with or owned or controlled by the United Front Work Department (UFWD) or any other federally-recognized foreign adversary.” 

According to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, the UFWD is a Chinese Communist Party “intelligence service” that utilizes “dual hatted officials” to conduct “influence operations” and “intelligence collection.”  

“If we continue to turn a blind eye to the nefarious actions of our foreign adversaries, it will be devastating for our country,” Luttrell said in a statement. 

“The legislation I introduced today emphasizes the importance of a long-term focus on countering, curbing and outcompeting foreign adversaries across the globe,” Luttrell continued.

Undue influence on our government

Luttrell is joined on the bill by Representatives Mary Miller (R-IL), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Kevin Hern (R-OK), Joe Wilson (R-SC), Jake Ellzey (R-TX), and Lance Gooden (R-TX).

The proposed amendment to House rules would additionally prohibit members of Congress from serving on “any board of directors whose members include any member or agent” of the UFWD.

Luttrell recently told the Daily Caller News Foundation that any member of Congress found to be in violation of the proposed rule would “be referred to the Ethics Committee for a formal probe.”

“Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the individual would then be subject to administrative and/or punitive action,” Luttrell added.

Hern, who serves on the House Taiwan Caucus, joined with Luttrell in supporting the resolution out of concern for the “undue influence on our government” exerted by “nations who wish us harm.”

“Members of Congress must be completely free and independent of any influence from America’s enemies,” Hern said in a statement.

The resolution follows a series of recent reports that revealed California Democrat Congresswoman Judy Chu held honorary leadership positions in two organizations with documented ties to the UFWD.

Chu also handed out certificates of “Congressional Recognition” to at least 10 alleged UFWD front-group members.

And the California Congresswoman recently came under heightened scrutiny after she voted against the formation of the House Select Committee on China.

The Committee is charged with investigating the CCP’s influence operations. 

“The CCP is the pacing threat to the United States and countering their influence at any junction is paramount to not only democracy globally, but also at home,” Luttrell told the Daily Caller.

This leaves many Americans wondering how many more members of Congress have close ties to the CCP?

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