Hunter Biden made one demand of the FBI that is downright scary

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI could be let off the leash once again.

All hell is about to break loose.

And Hunter Biden made one demand of the FBI that is downright scary.

Hunter Biden is now demanding the Justice Department order the FBI to exact vengeance on his former business associates who provided evidence against him on the criminal investigations into his finances and foreign lobbying.

Hunter Biden Attorney Abe Lowell wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., Matthew Graves, demanding that the FBI and Justice Department investigate former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski for allegedly lying to federal agents.

“Specifically, we recently received information demonstrating that numerous statements made by Mr. Bobulinski in Washington, D.C. during an interview with the FBI on October 23, 2020, concerning our client, Hunter Biden, are false,” Lowell wrote.

Bobulinski worked with Hunter Biden on a prospective business deal with CEFC, an energy company linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

This was the infamous deal where Hunter Biden told his business partners that they needed to hold “10 percent for the big guy.”

Bobulinski said Joe Biden was “the big guy.”

In an interview with Tucker Carlson in October of 2020, Bobulinski said the Communist Chinese compromised Joe Biden through these deals and that he couldn’t act in America’s best interest if he won the Presidency.

Lowell said that since Bobulinski threatened to implicate Joe Biden in Hunter’s alleged schemes, then the Justice Department and FBI needed to take immediate action to silence him through criminal charges. 

“The materials reveal the extraordinary lengths Mr. Bobulinski and other individuals were willing to go to implicate Mr. Biden or members of his family in some false and meritless allegations of wrongdoing,” Lowell added. “Even in an era in which people peddle knowing lies with the goal of their falsehoods being repeated and disseminated for their political advantage, these statements by Mr. Bobulinski cannot and must not go unchecked.”

Joe Biden already decided to make the FBI and Department of Justice his personal police force through the political persecutions of Donald Trump.

Now his son is giving orders to the Justice Department and the FBI that they need to target another Biden family rival or else it could damage Joe Biden’s political prospects in 2024.

This type of behavior would normally be unthinkable.

But Joe Biden already crossed the Rubicon by having his Justice Department indict his chief political rival as part of his re-election strategy.

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