Hunter Biden’s lawyers panicked when they found out what Donald Trump was about to do

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal collapsed in shocking fashion.

Donald Trump played a secret role in this stunner.

And that’s because Hunter Biden’s lawyers panicked when they found out what Donald Trump was about to do.

Hunter Biden and the Justice Department thought they had the perfect set up.

Biden would plead guilty to two minor tax charges and would receive immunity from further prosecution.

The Biden Justice Department could then stonewall Congressional probes into the matter by claiming that there was an ongoing investigation.

But Judge Maryellen Noreika blew up this corrupt bargain when she called out the Justice Department in court.

When Noreika asked if this deal provided immunity from prosecution for foreign lobbying charges not included in the agreement, the Justice Department lawyers knew they were caught and were forced to admit that it did not.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers also panicked over another unusual part of the deal that granted Judge Noreika the sole authority to determine if he violated the terms of his agreement.

Since it essentially granted her prosecutorial powers reserved for the executive branch under Article II, Judge Noreika called this provision unconstitutional.

But Hunter Biden’s lawyers wanted this provision in the agreement out of a fear that Donald Trump would win the election and his Justice Department would then get to determine Hunter’s compliance.

Judge Noreika refusing to accept this shady maneuver also caused the deal to blow up on Hunter Biden.

“Typically, the Justice Department could independently verify such a breach and bring charges. But Mr. Biden’s team, concerned that the department might abuse that authority if former President Donald J. Trump was re-elected, successfully lobbied to give that power to Judge Noreika herself, arguing that she would be a more neutral arbiter,” the New York Times reported.

“But Judge Noreika suggested that such an arrangement could be unconstitutional because it might give her prosecutorial powers, which were vested in the executive branch by the Constitution,” the Times added.

“‘I’m not doing something that gets me outside my lane of my branch of government,’ said the judge, who repeatedly complained that both sets of lawyers viewed her as a ‘rubber stamp’ rather than someone working to make the agreement more equitable and durable,” the Times report concluded.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers and the Justice Department never factored in that the judge might not be in on their scheme to allow him to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges in exchange for a secret immunity deal from further prosecution.

But thanks to an honest judge, that plan was foiled in open court.

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