Insane leftists are now criticizing one thing that’s saving lives

The Left are always looking for something new to attack.

And no new cockamamie idea is considered too crazy.

Now insane leftists are criticizing one thing that’s saving lives.

Hardcore leftists seem to be in a death cult.

They promote abortion up until the point of birth, forgo having children in order to “save the planet,” and support energy policies that would kill billions.

Leftists have also escalated their attacks on diet and exercise, which is particularly insidious considering obesity-related heart disease is the number one killer in America.

Terms like “fatphobia” and “body positivity” have been used to justify unhealthy lifestyles and stigmatize those that want to get in shape.

In one recent video, a woman insanely argued, “What makes somebody fatphobic at the gym? Let’s talk about it. Are you going to the gym so you can get a flat stomach, or are you going to the gym so you can build a stable core and have better posture? Are you motivated to go to the gym so you can lose weight, or are you focused on increasing muscle and bone density? Do you only consider a workout good when you feel sore or tired the next day, or do you look to feel energized and awake after working out? Are you prioritizing leg day because you want your butt to look super-delicious, or is it because you know strong glutes help protect your knees and your back? Wanting to work out does not make anyone fatphobic, but the motivations why you might go to the gym do.”

Perish the thought of someone exercising in order to look good.

Unfortunately, these ridiculous attitudes are spreading.

TIME Magazine recently published an article titled, “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness.”

So exercising is not only “fatphobic,” it’s racist.

The Guardian once wrote a piece titled, “Do you boast about your fitness? Watch out – you’ll unavoidably become rightwing. I’m not sure what exercise does for your body, but I do know what it does to your personality. And it’s not pretty.”

In the inane column, Zoe Williams argued, “Do too much, and the self-love develops a carapace of self-sufficiency. This is especially a problem for cyclists, who come to think of themselves as an off-grid warrior class, having performed their commute drawing on no more resources than their own glutes, and maybe a sports drink. Unavoidably, over time, this makes you more rightwing, as you descend into an aerobics-powered moral universe where only the weak need each other, and all the strong need is a waterpouch in their backpack that pipes straight into their mouths.”

Neo-Marxists believe that in order to rebuild society, they must tear down traditional society.

That’s why they ruthlessly attack anything and everything that is considered “normal,” even life-saving activities like exercise.

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