Insanity was on full display as teens face a lengthy prison sentence for a scooter escapade

Samuel Wantman, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The war against radical Left politicians doesn’t start and end with the federal government.

Most of the problems we face in our country are happening with support from local leaders.

And insanity was on full display as teens face a lengthy prison sentence for a scooter escapade.

Pride month sees return of skid mark vandals

June is Pride Month.

That means more LGBTQ murals in left-wing cities across America. 

It also means skid mark vandals are back. 

This trend started in 2021 after pride murals began popping up in intersections across the country.

In June of 2021, John Jerich of Lake Worth, Florida, was arrested for skidding across a mural in Delray Beach. 

Despite his arrest, the trend of defacing pride murals in intersections has continued into 2024. 

On May 28, a video of a man taking similar action at a mural in St. Petersburg went viral. 

St. Petersburg police vowed to find the man responsible and charge him with a felony. 

Now a group of teenagers are facing lengthy prison sentences for this scooter escapade.

Teenagers in Spokane could see upgraded charges under new “hate crime” legislation

In a viral video, teenagers can be seen popping wheelies and doing donuts with Lime scooters in Spokane, Washington. 

While most of the people on social media thought it was funny, law enforcement in Spokane took it very seriously.

19-year-old Ruslan V. Turko was arrested along with others who were under the age of 18. 

They have been charged with first-degree malicious mischief. 

As of now, the three teenagers are facing charges that could see them thrown in prison for 10 years.

But Governor Jay Inslee may choose to use a new law that could see their charges upgraded to a hate crime. 

The new legislation that was signed into law on June 6 makes it possible for defacement of public property to fall under hate crime statutes.

It’s still unclear whether the Governor’s office will take it to that extreme. 

Now Lime is taking an unprecedented step to prevent further vandalism with their scooters.

Lime takes drastic action in response to the vandalism

Lime called the scooter escapade by the teenagers a “vile act.” 

“All of us at Lime condemn these vile acts in no uncertain terms,” they wrote in a statement. “At a time when our teams at Lime are beginning pride celebrations around the globe, it is disturbing to see the hate taking place in Spokane.”

Lime has decided to take “immediate action” against the perpetrators by banning their accounts. 

They also announced that they will be disabling scooters that try to cross over pride murals going forward. 

“Lime is proud to put time and resources into working to uplift and protect queer people in cities around the world,” they said. “We will not let the hateful few spoil the joy of Pride Month in Spokane, and are grateful for those working to make Spokane more welcoming for all.”

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