James Comer is under attack by the radical Left but this time Republicans are rallying behind him

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Many conservative commentators have long chastised the infighting within the GOP.

But America First lawmakers in the House of Representatives are looking to change this historical problem.

And James Comer is under attack by the radical Left but this time Republicans are rallying behind him.

James Comer is trying to “track down” a witness in the Biden investigation

Investigating the Biden regime is an act of political suicide and Congressional Democrats want their Republican colleagues to keep this in mind. That is why the Left just sent an anti-MAGA group, Facts First, to viciously attack James Comer.

As Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, Comer is leading the charge on investigating Joe Biden and his family’s corruption. The Committee has been trying to “track down” an informant who they say is a credible witness.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Comer said this informant has important information that could prove President Joe Biden was involved in a quid-pro-quo bribery scheme. He said that it could mean big trouble for the sitting President if the witness is located.

Facts First USA is now going after Comer for what they claim is an egregious violation of the law.

Facts First USA claims that the informant or Comer “is lying to the American people”

According to Maria Cardona and David Jolly of Facts First USA, “Representative James Comer recently revealed that the ‘informant’ he is relying on for his unsubstantiated allegations against President Biden cannot be located.” They added that they believe Comer is lying.

They said that “in truth, there is a strong possibility that the ‘informant’ that Representative Comer has been speaking about does not exist,” before adding that this is why “Representative Comer never produces evidence he says demonstrates criminal conduct on the part of the Biden family.”

Cardona and Jolly contend that Comer or his informant violated the law by making “materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or representation.” They said that either the whistleblower “concocted a story” or “Comer violated the law by lying to the American people.”

Their attempts to shut down the investigation into Joe Biden were received with abrupt condemnation.

House Oversight Committee will not be intimidated

A spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee said that Facts First USA is “attempting to intimidate Congressional investigators who are shining a light on the Biden family’s shady business schemes.” They made it clear that nothing is going to stop this investigation.

Facts First USA pushed back by saying that the attempts to investigate Joe Biden were nothing but “leftover conspiracy theories” that have been pushed by the Right for “years.” They called on a “robust external force” to act as a SWAT team to make sure that “the public” does not accept the “false narrative.”

“Chairman Comer has been clear that the whistleblower who has provided detailed information regarding the FBI’s evidence of a criminal bribery scheme involving Joe Biden is alive and well,” the spokesperson said, before adding that the Committee “won’t be intimidated by these groups’ theatrics and antics.”

Democrats will soon come to realize that everything they are accusing Comer of will most likely boomerang. Evidence from the Durham report indicates that their side knowingly broke the law while pushing the Russian-collusion hoax on the American people.

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