Jaws hit the floor after Bill Maher dropped a truthbomb on this woke scientist

Screenshot via Youtube, HBO

College campuses all across the nation have turned into breeding grounds for left-wing extremism.

Although many campuses have espoused left-wing gibberish for decades, basic principles like freedom of speech are under attack now more than ever. 

But jaws hit the floor after Bill Maher dropped a truthbomb on this woke scientist. 

Many American college campuses are no longer centers for higher learning

Few nations have as many esteemed colleges and universities as the United States.

After World War II, many of these colleges began brainwashing students to become foot soldiers for the radical Left.

Over the years, things have gotten much worse, with freedom of speech and diversity of thought being eradicated from many campuses.

Transgenderism has become a flashpoint for the free speech debate, with many on the Left refusing to budge even an inch with their extreme agenda. 

On Bill Maher’s hit podcast, Club Random, he recently brought on scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson to riff on scientific issues and other current topics. 

One issue that the two sparred over was transgenderism and what it means for the greater free speech issue, especially as it pertains to college campuses.

When discussing the growing intolerance on college campuses, Tyson asked Maher “why is it their fault and not your fault?”

“You’re doing what parents do: You’re taking the path of least resistance, and therefore hurting the kids and yourself,” Maher replied. “Parents ruin both their lives.”

He added that “they ruin their f*****g spoiled kids’ lives, and they ruin their own lives because the kids rule the roost. So that’s what you’re doing on a national level.”

Maher then pivoted to the topic of allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports.

After Maher took the position that there needs to be some sort of way to regulate men from competing in women’s sports, Tyson replied with “so all I’m saying is, what is it that makes the man, the ‘man’?” 

“Is it the hormones?” he added. “OK. If it’s the hormones, and you decide to give yourself a different cocktail of hormones — I’m making this up, by the way.  I’m not saying it should happen this way. It’s a way to start thinking about it. Maybe the track meets have hormone categories.”

Once it was clear that the two would not agree on this topic, Maher changed subjects and kept the podcast moving. 

Bill Maher revealed the sinister nature of the radical Left and their hatred of American values

 As Maher claimed in his podcast, younger American generations have become more stubborn and radicalized than at any other time in recent memory. 

Many young people refuse to even acknowledge people who have differing opinions, which is the antithesis of knowledge. 

Until American colleges and universities expel this sort of bigotry, then the left-wing brainwashing will only keep getting worse. 

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