Jay Leno’s fans were shocked when he finally showed his face for the first time since his accident

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Jay Leno used to be one of America’s most iconic and recognizable late-night talk show hosts. 

Leno suffered a tragic accident last November that resulted in third degree burns to many parts of his body.

And Jay Leno’s fans were shocked when he finally showed his face for the first time since his accident.

Most Americans can remember one late-night talk show host who they admired. 

The Legends of Late Night

Ever since The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson started in 1962, late-night talk shows have been as much part of American culture as apple pie. 

Just think of all the legends, like Bill Maher, Dick Cevett, and David Letterman, who have entertained Americans on late-night shows over the years.

These late-night shows used to be mainly worried about the culture itself rather than politics. 

But late-night entertainment hosts have turned toward promoting Democrat policies and politics on their shows over the past few decades.

The humor and honesty by late-night titans has been replaced with political pundits like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. 

But as late-night transitioned from real dialog and humor to the Democrat programming we see today, legend Jay Leno could see the writing on the wall and retired. 

Jay Leno had an amazing career on The Tonight Show after he replaced the all-time great Johnny Carson in 1992. 

And throughout the 90s and into the 2000s, Leno was second to none with his one liners and off the cuff jokes with special guests. 

Hollywood’s most noticeable celebrities lined up each week to get on his show, including special guests like George Bush and Barack Obama. 

But Jay Leno finally cut off his mic and went into retirement in 2014. 

Every once in a while Leno would appear as a guest on other shows. 

But Jay Leno’s life changed forever late last year. 

Jay Leno finally shows his face

Leno is a car enthusiast and this past November he had a freak accident involving one of his cars and an uncontrollable gasoline fire. 

The accident left Jay Leno with severe burns all across his body and especially on his face. 

Leno spent an extensive amount of time in intensive care and has been getting treatment for his burns, but has kept his face off the camera. 

However, on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, Jay Leno finally showed the world his new face and image for the first time since the accident.

The crowd applauded Leno as he showed off his new look. 

And in true Leno fashion, he cracked jokes when explaining the accident by saying. 

“What happened, I was working on a car and I got a face full of gasoline and it caught fire,” Leno said. “And I had been eating a flaming hot Dorito and when I bit into it, it set my face on …”

Leno looks a lot better than most people would have thought considering the severity of his accident. 

Some even say he looks better than he did before the accident.

Just take a look for yourself. 

Is Jay Leno a TV legend?