JD Vance is doubling down on halting Biden’s Department of Justice nominees after Hunter’s slap on the wrist

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Conservatives have pointed out that there seems to be two standards of justice in this country.

Left-wing activists often skate while those on the political Right in similar situations get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Now JD Vance is doubling down on halting Biden’s Department of Justice nominees after Hunter’s slap on the wrist.

Tuesday brought news that Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and one charge related to a violation of gun laws, but will serve no jail time.

It was infuriating to everyday Americans who would have faced much tougher prosecution had they done the exact same thing.

Vance: Hunter’s sweetheart deal is a disgrace

Senator JD Vance (R-OH) was livid at the news of Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

“Any other American would have the book thrown at them,” Vance wrote. “The president’s son gets a slap on the wrist. This is exhibit 1,402 for why I’m holding Biden’s DOJ nominees. We have a two-tiered justice system in our country. It’s a disgrace.” 

Vance previously announced that he would be preventing votes on Biden’s nominees after former President Trump was indicted the second time for allegedly illegally keeping classified documents at his Florida residence.

In an appearance on Fox News Channel, Vance said “the political appointees of the Department of Justice, the way to look at them are foot soldiers for turning the DOJ into political activism, instead of actively doing the job of enforcing the law. Why should we be giving Joe Biden more foot soldiers when he’s using them to attack his political opponents and conservatives all across the country? It’s insane.”

Donald Trump saw this one coming a mile away

Former President Trump can claim credit for predicting Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

On Trump’s Truth Social platform, the former President wrote two weeks ago that “it’s all about ELECTION INTERFERENCE. They don’t want to run against me. I ran twice, I did much better the second time, getting millions and millions more votes than the first, a record for a sitting President, and am leading Biden in the polls, by a lot. They are the Party of Disinformation! They are using the DOJ & FBI against me to Rigg the 2024 Election. They’ll hit Hunter with something small to make their strike on me look ‘fair.’ Nothing about these Fascists is fair or honest. FIGHT!”

Vance put himself on record in agreement with Trump by calling the latest indictment a “moral and Constitutional joke.”

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