Jesse Watters revealed the one way Republicans can upend Joe Biden’s plan to jail Trump

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Joe Biden and the Democrats bet everything on the weaponized justice system taking Donald Trump off the board in the 2024 election.

Conservatives are demanding Republicans fight back.

And Jesse Watters revealed the one way Republicans can upend Joe Biden’s plan to jail Trump.

After Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith unveiled his second criminal indictment against Donald Trump, co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five, Jesse Watters, made it clear that he’s had enough.

Watters explained that charging Trump over supposedly lying about what happened in the 2020 election would provide him the first opportunity to actually litigate his case about the election in open court.

“You’re saying they’re now going to put the 2020 election on trial? Donald Trump is chomping at the bit. He’s going to call witnesses. He’s got subpoena power. He’s going to put Detroit, Philly, Vegas on the stand and make them defend the integrity of their voting process,” Watters exclaimed.

But Watters also had a piece of advice for elected Republicans.

Waters demanded that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy authorize an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden based on the numerous allegations of corruption and potential criminal conduct stemming from whistleblower evidence about his involvement in Hunter’s alleged foreign influence peddling schemes.

“What the Republicans need to do is time the impeachment, because that’s the main draw. And if you put up impeachment with the Trump trials, I don’t think the Democrats want to stomach that,” Watters added.

Conservative podcaster Dan Bongino mocked claims by Democrats and the media that Republicans don’t have evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption.

“Outside of the bank records, the suspicious activity reports, the wire transfers, the private bank transactions, the LLCs, the texts, the emails, the WhatsApp messages, the photos of Joe with Hunter’s business partners, the voicemails to his son, the two business partners saying Joe is the ‘brand,’ the ‘big guy,’ and ‘the chairman,’ the two whistleblowers’ testimony, the recorded phone calls between Biden and Poroshenko, the video of Joe Biden bragging about firing the Ukrainian prosecutor, and Hunter’s statements that he’s giving his dad half his income, there is No evidence of Joe Biden being involved,” Bongino posted on Twitter.

Donald Trump recently declared at a rally that he will recruit and endorse a Primary challenger against any Republican who opposes impeaching Joe Biden.

Now the conservative media is starting to bang this drum.

Democrats impeached Donald Trump on a hoax about Ukraine.

Americans now know that when Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to help with a corruption investigation into Joe Biden, it really had to do with an FBI investigation into Hunter for money laundering and foreign lobbying charges.

The FBI also reportedly already knew of the Joe Biden bribe allegation.

Conservatives believe Republicans in Congress have ample grounds to impeach Joe Biden and are wondering what is taking so long.

After all, Republicans are already sitting on a mountain of evidence tying Joe Biden to these scandals.

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